Dezeen grows 500% in a year



It's been a while since we talked about our visitor figures, but we're proud to say traffic has continued to grow rapidly with 668,039 unique visitors last month - our best month yet.


The first quarter of 2008 was also our best quarter yet, with 1,712,919 unique visitors - up over 50% on the previous quarter. Traffic has grown over 500% in the past year (first quarter 2008 compared to first quarter of 2007).


We're not sure we entirely trust Technorati's blog rankings, since our ranking swings all over the place, but at the time of writing Technorati makes us the 778th most popular blog in the world, up from 1,438 at the start of the year. According to Technorati, there are 7739 links to Dezeen from other a total of 2052 sites.

Stats are courtesy of Statcounter (so we run the risk of being described as "a cheat without any ethics" again). But have a look at our stats live on our Statcounter traffic snapshot and decide for yourself.

Thanks for visiting!

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  • Congratulations!

    That’s really good and the work you’re doing probably will make the numbers grow more and more in the next months.

  • Wow! congrats guys

  • zhi

    congratulations and stay cool!

  • Hi,

    This is another good example that visitors, especially returning ones, are acquired through quality.
    Congratulations and continuation of success.

    Kind regards,


  • joey

    cool! your modesty has remained consisent though.

  • Congratulations to all the team!
    We hope to have help with a few visitors.

  • zuy

    congratulations selection is good but too “arty” for me…

  • Well done!

    Now if you ask each one for just £1 …. ;-)

  • Great.. really nice numbers! I wish I had the same .))

  • mark

    these stats are wrong – – then compare your site to other well known design blogs and you’ll see they are larger even though they dont have the hits you say you have

  • brown_ie

    tha`s great….congratulations….keep it good and fresh!!!


  • thats amazing work.. congrats! i am proud to have been a happy visitor for at least a couple of years now! keep it up and if you need some more help.. haha.. i am ready!

  • F

    God bless you Marcus .
    you have done an incredible job with Dezeen .

  • Congratulations, your blog is amazing ;)

  • disapointed

    well, the blog is good. But i have to say it used to be better… and i’m not talking about years ago but a couple of months ago. Lately i see the architectural content being replaced by rubbish design pieces…
    what’s up?

  • Congratulations. You guys do an amazing job and I am glad you are rewarded.

  • Jad

    ….dezeen as print magazine? that ll be great!!!!