Haarwerk by Hackenbroich Architekten



Hackenbroich Architecten have completed the interior of a hairdressers shop in Cologne, Germany.


The shop is situated in an old factory building and the new interior incorporates 75 light bulbs extended on black flexes from a central point.


The architects used wallpaper to make the functional elements of the shop appear to be extruded from the back wall.


The following information is from Hackenbroich:


Haarwerk, hairdresser shop, in Cologne, Germany

For the hairdressing shop “Haarwerk” in Cologne, Germany the light installation has become a main spatial feature. Seventy-five lamps emerge from a central point of the space and reach out into the room. A cloud of lights expands through the store. With the visible wires they form a spatial texture like a distorted chandelier. The lights can be controlled and dimmed in five circles to allow a smooth transition of various illuminated conditions.


The overall organization of the store was challenged by the spatial limitation of the old factory building. To maintain a coherent spatial experience while accommodating all functional areas, we decided to “extrude” the enclosed functional areas from the back-wall. The surface of the wall “remained” on the volumes/furniture while the other surfaces “merged” with the floor. Through this manipulation we gained an articulation of the volumes in one direction and a camouflage of the volumes in elevation resulting in a simple appearance from the outside.


The materials fluctuate between a refined and rough appearance. While the wallpaper has a subtle elegance the lamps have an industrial quality. The colors articulate the volumetric logic by continuing the dark grey of the floor or the ginger marking the sidewalls of the store. The lights, when partially dimmed, combine the white of the wallpaper, the ginger of the wall and the dark grey of the floor.










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  • Zenza


  • Christo

    This is whay they say you should be good in your design class!!!…what a shame….my cousin in grade seven would do better….

  • Christo

    sorry for bein’ harsh…but had to after seein’ this junk!

  • ror

    its quite nice, maybe colours a bit unappreciatable. good idea with bulbs but why its all so grey in there..

  • zara

    wallpapers are so poor

  • xtiaan

    I concur, decidedly blah, how cliche is the light? flocked wallpaper and feature walls? come on!

  • Fling

    i got my hair cut here once and thay totally messed up the volumetric logic – I was wanting a subtle elegance and refined and rough appearance, but they made me look like a twat.

  • Parker Hicks

    Fling, the utter cheek of you.

  • jed

    the lights looks great but this trope is overused and slightly lazy. i agree about the weak choice of wallpaper too but i have to say the place does look good. lots of places look good though and similar!

  • Maria

    definitely one thing or the other its all over the place.

  • Victor

    Already seen so many times, its not really different.. some kind of Ikea!

  • Eduardo

    Why all that polution?
    There is something, somewhere all over the place!
    I wouldn’t have my nails done in there!

  • bmw

    where is the cleaning lady/gentleman in those pictures?