Leeloo by Alfredo Häberli



Jewellery brand Biegel will issue a limited series of silver pieces by Alfredo Häberli to coincide with an exhibition of the designer's work in Zurich later this month.


Häberli originally designed the Leeloo collection for jeweller Marc-Jens Biegel about three years ago, but the new issue of 19 pieces is the first time they have been available in silver.


Häberli's exhibition, Alfredo Häberli Design Development - SurroundThings, opens at the Zurich Museum of Design on 27 June.


Here's some info from Biegel:


Leeloo - Limited museum edition in sterling silver. Design: Alfredo Häberli


To date Biegel has been known as a small manufacturer of very exclusive jewellery in gold and platinum, which was conceived by European designer stars, such as Tom Dixon, Konstantin Grcic or the Bouroullec brothers.

The museum collection Leeloo, design by Alfredo Häberli, will be the first limited edition in sterling silver. It is therefore positioned in a price segment which will render it quite irresistible to design aficionados.

Marc-Jens Biegel has issued this series of 19 pieces each on the occasion of the exhibition “SurroundThings – Alfredo Häberli Design Development” at the Zurich Museum of Design (27 June – 21 September 2008) – it is strictly limited, registered and certified.

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  • I find it always amazing when i see what Biegel works out with those excellent designers who normally work in a totally different scale. If it is Tom Dixons complicated one-offish approach or Stefan Diez’s up-designing of a mundane
    industrial connection piece as a universal and beautyful jewlery theme.
    Alfredo Häberlis almost industrial and simplifying geometric view on the chain link combined with Biegels craftsmenship resulted in this stylish collection – a good reason to book a flight to summery Zürich and invest in this good buy…I think.

  • Tao ZW

    hmm.. i think i am going to be really rude here. it looks like some parts from a proprietary window, that is mass produce in a factory in china. it’s either bad photography or bad choice of material, they just looks like cheap aluminum to me.

    industrial not equals to stylish.


  • hmm…I think it shows that you have never seen the gear live.
    sorry for you. negative does not equal clever…

  • Tao ZW

    yup, i haven’t. didn’t have the intention to sound clever, it was just a personal opinion responding to the product. is just that when i see products like this, armed with great designer names and expensive materials, make it limited edition, all of a sudden it is a good product, even luxurious; makes me wonder how other designers think about these products. (notice how much description is on names etc)

    what do you think about the product – designer names, brand, exhibition aside.

  • zuy

    Haeberli’s design :
    this month he is on the cover of the top french english design mag Intramuros with a portrait inside …

  • dsgnr

    I agree with Tao ZW, these pieces are too cold and inexpressive for jewels … I like Haberli’s work very much but I think he does perform better in furniture design.