Ora Unica by Denis Guidone



Ora Unica by designer Denis Guidone is a watch where the hands are formed by the ends of a squiggly line.


The watch face consists of two circular dials, one inside the other, both of which have parts of the doodle printed on the surface.


The Ora Unica watch won the Adam O'Eva Creations international design prize this year. The jury consisted of Alessandro Mendini, Arnaldo Pomodoo, James Wines, Ed Carpenter, Carmelo Strano, Philippe Samy.


Here's some text from Guidone:


Single Hour , 2007

Imprecision and defect manifest a fullness of sense, an inherent pluralism of inflections.

These aspects let us calibrate communication with an idea of imperfection that isn’t “negative”, but which it simply presents itself as a more complicated concept of perfection, often an insignificant and anesthetic value within its “compliance” characteristics.

The imperfection becomes the “ruling principle” of new rational configurations that certify contrast, that wish for irregularity and the break from symmetry, which become distinctive traits of our times.


Ora Unica wishes to be a provocative clock; its aesthetic principle is inaccuracy. Lack of discipline, a childish and irrational gesture to define time, which is precision and rationality. The hour and minute hands are represented by a single line drawn on two circular faces, which turn one inside the other. Both faces together resemble a graphical gesture, a doodle that changes as time passes.

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  • denis guidone

    hi I’m denis guidone
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    Ora UNica 2007 will be available soon

  • Pelu

    genial !

  • Love it ! :)

  • nice, i`d like to buy this

  • edward

    What originality! And beautiful to. A rebuke to the Rolexs of this world.

  • Syafiq

    Brilliant idea. It really inspires man to look at things differently and challanges convetions. This one is a “one off”.

  • What an ingenious idea! Absolutely Fabulous!!

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    Want it!

  • nice work~! It’s really beautiful, i would like to buy one.

  • Fling

    I have an old protoype of this approach to a certain imprecision and defect manifest a fullness of sense, an inherent pluralism of inflection. The hands of the ‘clock’ are provovatively represented by the arms of a loveable caricature rodent. At midday, it looks as though the little fella is about to dive into a swimming pool. At quarter to eight, he is striking a night fever pose. At quarter past nine, he is messianic, fulfilling in me that wish for irregularity and the break from symmetry, a distinctive trait of our time. This squiggle watch cannot compete with the gamut of cultural references that this early progenitor supplies. I think that they should have carried out more research.

  • caneda

    really really really great!!

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    love it :)

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    This a clear example of what design should be !

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    When can we buy one/two?

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    love it!!! I´d like to by one…….. the real less is more!!!

  • denis guidone

    information about available post message to:

  • Mark

    It is a great concept. I design watches, and while this concept is cool, it would only work if a custom movement were developed. Unfortunately in quartz watch movements, the hour hand stacks underneath the minute hand. That means, the inner disc would have to be the minutes, and the outer disc would be the hours. Again, I like the concept, but it only works as a concept or for a custom watch builder.

  • denis guidone

    Hi Mark Ora unica will coming soon

  • I agree with Mark. It is a beautiful concept, but it will only ever be a concept. We only see renderings here. If you actually attempted to produced it, the purity of the design would be destroyed due to technical considerations.

    I don’t mind seeing purely conceptual designs, but it should be stated clearly that this is not a product.

  • Mark

    Hi Denis. It will be coming soon? What movement is being used? I’d like to know.

  • how soon is soon? time as narrative and a tracing…just smart and beautiful.

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    I love it!



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    want one..

  • David B

    Great Concept. I also design watches, but understand the technical issues involved in producing this movement. I look forward to seeing the finished working watch, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Tazim Rawat

    Fabulous…. design..the inspiration to execute new ideas and break the mould….. Denis Guidone Thanks for inspiring and creating.

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    need one now!!! denis please when is it going to be in the market am a watch maniac i have a nooka but nothing like ora unica

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    It is definitely one of the musem collections.

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    is clever and ingenious designs like this that keeps design going. love this!!

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    How expensive?

  • This is very nice! I would like to buy one

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    Ora Unica is the nicest watch I ever have seen. Yer the best Denis!

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    ir’s realllllly Fabulous
    i want to buy one
    how much is it ??

  • Where can I buy one and how much does it cost?

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    Where can I buy one and how much does it cost?
    Best regards

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    please!!! where i can buy it and how much?

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    Please where can i buy these watches??? I love them..

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    I come from Hong Kong… I was discovery this watch by internet and I really love this design and wanna to buy it…
    Could I know How can I buy it and can I buy through internet?