TOO49 by 16A



Japanese architects 16A completed TOO49, a housing complex containing two-bed flats and studios, earlier this year.


The building is close to Tokyo's Haneda airport.


Here's some info from the architects:


TOO49 (Housing)

“Courtyard Flats” – Closeness and Openness


TOO49 is a six-story housing complex with 43 studios and 6 two-bed-room units.


The building volume was cut by a certain angle under shadow control and wore black natural slates on it, which formed a massive solid to secure residents’ privacy.


This sloping roof, at the same time, makes an appearance of urbanity with characteristic openings on each courtyard.


Proposed in this project was the prototype of stacking courtyard houses to keep not-so-distance with urban context.


This out-of-scale block imposed in an anytown will blend in with the neighborhood as the roof texture improves with age.

16A Inc.

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  • edward

    I applaud the effort not to dominate the context by sloping the roof and the black slate is really quality stuff but I would like to know a lot more on the rest of the project. Some plans maybe?

  • syco

    simply stunning !

  • nick

    externally really does not do anything for me, but internally it is beautifully lit and material choice is obviously be a fundemental part of the design

  • Ben

    would love to see floor plans of this project

  • Tyler

    The form is very dynamic. It is one of those buildings that, when you first see it as you turn a corner it would make your heart beat faster.

  • Diamond

    I personally want to see sections, other drawings are also appreciated


    nice details.. and i love the rainpipe in the hall..
    and yes: some more info is very welcome!

  • simple, beautiful and warm.. would love to see that in person!

  • Sorry, our e-mail address was wrong. I wrote right e-mail address in the website. The person who wants to have contact please look at the (official website).