Qing Zuo! by Judith van den Boom



Designer Judith van den Boom created a collection of stools with ceramic seats called Qing Zuo! in collaboration with local crafts workers during a three-month visit to China.judith-van-den-boom-rca-ceramic-stoolsuntitled2.jpg

She showed the stools at at the Royal College of Art Show One in London earlier this month.


Here's some more information from Judith van den Boom:


Porcelain Seats Qing Zuo!

'Qing Zuo!, Please Sit down' project came from various corners this work period ‘07 in China, the combination of investigating and meanwhile focussing on material experiment. A dialogue between use and material, body language and sensation. Judith worked together with local crafts people in China to make wooden stools as well as documenting body language in sitting behavior.


A direct inventiveness that locals would use in building sitting objects became inspiration to have traditional techniques pushing the functional limits of porcelain. The seats are made by the designer in China in 2007 during a 3 month stay and finished in London into a final product. This series is a inspiration for a furniture line being launched later in 2009 where fore Judith will return to China in spring again.




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  • nicoresa

    Very nice strange way of seeing things. Looks like the seat could be anybody’ butt. Very organic

  • The stool don’t look any special, but kudos for the experiment!

  • Retnug

    think the origin of the stools seem to be quite original and special, specially coming from the process and background of chinese seats. WOuld possibly buy one…

  • Viktor Mari

    i like the ceramic but think of a different design they look really boring, the bead one is really not attractive at all.