Ariane lamps by Edouard Larmaraud



French designer Edouard Larmaraud created the Ariane range of lamps for producers Ligne Roset and Cinna.


The lamps feature a red cable wound around fixings on the metal bases.


The collection includes table, floor and wall lamps.


"Ariane is a range of lamps composed of a plastic lampshade interacting with metallic structures," says Larmaraud. "A long, red cable winds, undulates and really defines the shape of each product."


The lamps were awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2008.



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  • tbp

    without making an object more than it really is, this lamp uses only it’s basic elements to create something different. great!

  • christopher

    It is great! Mutable, clean, honest… Love it.

  • looks awesome…

  • jed_

    very much like the wall version but dislike the version that is also a table.

  • omar

    nice work.

  • jeroen

    a nice kick in the nuts of all quinzes

  • ambroise

    “to create something different”…really ?

  • zuy

    so simple and innovative… it’s more difficult to do that than art design
    ( see the triangle of complexity in design)Young french design with Roset is at the top and get logically red dot award …

  • zuy

    thanks Marcus, french designers have something to say different from dutch and british design…. and different from Starck anovist design too…

  • Jose

    It’s just so blunt and boring… No innovation, class or style at all…

  • edward

    Making the electric cord a feature is inspired.

  • gaque

    this is great! much respect for the designer.

  • looks homemade… but thats cool i guess.

  • zuy

    the electric cord is inspired. when red see other project too.. with red cord in a transparent glass…

  • zuy

    I got this of Nicoilo Taliani making the long red cord a feature

  • puckfly


  • thuyquyenvo

    the simple