Plug by Tomas Kral



Plug is a project combining cork and glass by Tomas Kral, a masters graduate from the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland.


The collection includes lamps, storage jars fruit bowls and a small table, each made from hand-blown glass and CNC-milled cork.


Photographs by Michel Bonvin .


The following information is from Kral:


Plug: Cork-glass project

From Master degree graduations at ECAL (the University of Art and Design Lausanne)

Plug is a range of products that transform the image of a simple cork bottle stopper. The work
is around the connection between glass as a hard and compact material and the cork, a porous material.


The glass parts were done using free glass blowing. The cork parts were made out of the sheets of agglomerated cork
which were milled using CNC.


The cork parts use the marks from the CNC milling tool as a part of their construction.


The idea is to build 3D objects by milling using 2D drawings.


The objects' functions are simple. The idea was to put more attention on the connection between glass and the cork.








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  • Zenza

    Good job

  • leandro locsin

    this are brilliant works! =) i love it

    the first image has great configuration! i think the cork ‘shade’ does not function as a shade anymore, but as a beautiful form to acomodate the cord and the ballast.

    good stuff

  • bald skull

    really like the foms, the connections and the materiality. bravo.

  • fvale

    the first lamp is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome :D

  • Frankie

    Daring original work, so not everything works, IMO the mix of light and cork isn’t pertinant but formally the designs work well.

    I find the table a very strong piece alongside the fruit bowl, as Baldskull mentions clever “connections” being made with almost Bouroullecesque sensitivity and attention to detail.

  • Bioz

    nice, well done , hanging on is the best

  • evan ma

    nice work.
    I appreciate the way that you explore different material conbime together

  • omar

    this is super nice stuff!!! well done!

  • Fbot

    Well done mate, nice details

  • Matt

    Simple, beautiful, honest.

  • cpcp

    love the fruitbowl and 3way lights and the milled cork connectors.
    great work great ideas.

  • K. Rimane

    everything is fantastic with this work. BRAVO!

  • ambroise

    Just missing some low consumption light bulbs….
    the rest of it is very well done !

  • Eva

    earlthly, beautiful.

  • rebecca

    Talented hands behind new technology-
    I LOVE these,
    I need a CNC mill…

  • Bla Bla Bla

    These are fantastic, high tech with an earthly feel. awesome!

  • zuy

    ecal is…. the future of eindhoven

  • eduardo

    very nice…
    one feels like having one of those