Insegna Anche a Me la Libertà delle Rondini – Fabio Novembre at Rotonda di via Besana



Designer Fabio Novembre has belatedly sent us these images of Insegna Anche a Me la Libertà delle Rondine, a retrospective exhibition of his work at Rotonda di via Besana in Milan, which ended last month.


Update 10/07/08: unfortunately we've had to take most of the images down again as they had been promised to another magazine and we didn't know that. Oh well, when the embargo is over we'll put them up again!

The exhibition title means 'Teach me too the freedom of swallows'.

Open from 11 April to 8 June, the exhibition was designed by Peter Bottazzi and curated by Beppe Finessi.

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  • B

    why not call it:
    teach me how not to milk the same theme over and over again of ribbons flying through spaces and connecting objects or parts of houses…(quite populair by average architects and designers these days.)
    but then again..that would be rather long and not very positive
    ah well…
    btw that buttcheeck chair is hilarious..I saw some old ladies sitting in it at the milano fair..verry funny (but also horrible)


  • cpcp

    “Designer Fabio Novembre has belatedly sent us these images of …”

    Please tell me you weren’t WAITING for these dezeen

  • edward

    “…the man wants a blue suit…turn on the blue light…” Can’t say I am in love with the pieces, and flying strips of whatever are not exactly original, but from the pictures the use of colored light is just brilliant. With the caveat that the actual experience might not be so convincing.

  • This is very interesting, a hallucination given substance, especially with the ever-shifting scheme of colored lights. I would love to visit this exhibition. But I’d probably need an aspirin afterwards.

  • like a psychedelic invasion of tapeworm – i’m with you chuck, i would need an aspirin afterwards

  • zuy

    ribbon and tape are everywhere …

  • scruces

    Lots of critics.
    Would love to see what makes they’re own works so spectacular and memorable. Easy to attack – not so easy to create something of value.

  • zuy

    I’m agree with scruces, lots of critics about Novembre interior and furniture design… but he is a leading designer of the new italian design
    ( it’s difficult to exist among fathers of design in Italy) He is not following dutch trend as Laviani noticed about young italian designers…

  • Say what?
    If Novembre is “a leading designer of the new italian design” – well – maybe we aren’t italians. Or maybe we aren’t designers…
    “Design ist tot” as you can see at

  • Serena T

    I totally agree with CIVICO13.
    And *claps* to B! Ahahahahah!!!

  • zuy

    May be leading is too much for the ego of other italian designers He is one of the emerging talents on new italian design scene… is it OK now
    He is known as furniture and interior designer. .. If i put keywords “fabio novembre” in google= 42000 and civico13= 1000…

  • zuy
  • edyta

    Looks like the idea of R Neiemeyer and than Fuksas was copied again; this time by You; are u happy with your “new” idea of ribon in space?

  • Geez, we don’t know that Famous Designer = Good Designer.

    So let’s go to demonstrate we are not so bad, Please read:
    – Domus 915/2008, p. 37
    – Abitare 483/2008, p.64

    Sorry, we don’t see GQ as a design mag.
    But you can find us on Vougue Italia, 05/2008…

    Best Regards

  • Syne

    that was CRAP!!!!!

  • zuy
  • zuy
  • zuy
  • zuy
  • zuy

    Fabio is a provocative designer … but he has some talents. If you donnot see that in his furniture design and his interior design, may be you have a bigger talent or not…

  • zuy

    wonderful italian idea… may be you do not see yet he is a VERY italian designer


    Fabio Novembre….un designer kitch e sopravvalutato !!!! nessuna idea nuova, meglio se si propone al pubblico come performer.

  • zuy

    Fabio is a great performer and not a kitch designer.
    May be Starck or Wanders or Rashid or other stars or emeging stars are overrated too?

  • zuy

    IN INTERIEUR 08 that will be held in Kortrijk between 17 and 26 October there will be lectures by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Michael Braungart and…… Fabio Novembre.


    ZUY….R u working as PR for Mr Novembre…?
    I think so