Door handles by Frank Gehry



Architect Frank Gehry has designed new door handles for Italian manufacturers Valli & Valli.


The new designs are additions to Gehry's Arrowheads and FOG collection, created for the brand last year (see our previous story).


The following information is from Valli & Valli:



Designer: Frank Gehry
Collection: Fusital
Series: Arrowhead

Designed by renowned architect and designer Frank Gehry, the Arrowhead series is characterized by a dynamic twisting design created by planes that seem to spiral around a central axis. The Arrowhead door lever (H 5021 - second image) was introduced in 2007 and won that year’s Interior Design magazine Best of Year award in the hardware category. Along with a matching cabinet pull (A 2042, also introduced in 2007 - above), the series now includes a coordinating door pull (P5412 - below), designed with the same smooth, tactile shape that reveal each object’s function.


Material: AISI 316 L Stainless Steel

Available finishes:satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel

Series components: door lever, cabinet pull, door pull


Series: FOG

The FOG series, is based on the elegant, sinuous curves and supple shape of the H354 door lever (above), reflecting Frank Gehry’s ongoing love affair with organic forms and structures, especially that of fish. This form features prominently in Gehry’s oeuvre and can be found in some of the 20th century’s most enduring structures, such as the Guggenheim Bilbao. This unlikely source of inspiration finds expression in the latest additions to the FOG series: door pulls (left and right orientation, K365 - top image) and a doorknocker (L301 - below).


Material: Brass

Available finishes: Polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome

Series components: door lever, door pulls (left and right orientation), door knocker

About the Fusital collection:
The Fusital collection is the flagship division of Valli & Valli and offers series designed by world-renowned architects and designers, including: Frank Gehry, Gae Alulenti, Andree Putman, Antonia Citterior, Cini Beori, Leon Krier, Richard Meier, Eero Aarnio, Mario Bellini, and Michael Graves, among others. The collaboration between these talents and Valli & Valli’s technical specialists results in innovative products that encompass the best in contemporary design.

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  • Pieter

    Can’t he even make a beautiful doorhandle?

  • Tyler

    Polished brass? seriously? Is that coming back already?

  • esklabuak

    i like the second and i hate the fifth one. and you?

  • Azeem

    Designs are cool.But I would appreciate more the quality of the finished product more than the design itself.

  • eduardo

    His objects and jewellery are always nicer then his architecture.

  • Me

    The first image is reminiscent of Bilbao. Quite nice!

  • Michael

    Most appropriate usage of Gehry’s design aesthetic. Focus on door handles Frankie baby, live the architecture to people who know how to utilize structure.

  • abyssinian

    His whole career is reminiscent of the Bilbao…Not nice!

  • sam


  • Flaming surfaces! ))

  • Tadao Cern

    For those who say “His whole career is reminiscent of the Bilbao” i would recomend to look at the works of painters, musicians and other artists. The style of Frank Gehry is just his own style of expression and he should be considered more as an artist than an architect. I hope this will help you to like him more.

  • astro moonshine

    despite the fact that gehry is totally overrated, i do like the way the first one looks like… well i don’t think i’d be allowed to say what the first one looks like.

  • i came up with my own designs of the mechanics of a handle “new and improved” I like his modern designs and would like to work together in the future to produce my second series on a large scale….

  • The fourth one down is by far my favorite. I can find anything quite like it in the stores though

  • Gemma

    Really awful! I choose The Nanz Company always and this just demonstrates why!