Naoko Kanehira at New Designers



New Designers 08: Here are three projects exhibited by Japanese designer Naoko Kanehira at New Designers in London last week.


Projects include a sofa and stool that resemble cushions with legs (above), hooks cast in the shape of birds as though they have just flown into a wall (below) and a rug inspired by Kotatsu furniture in Japan.


Kanehira, a gradutate from the contemporary furniture design course at Bucks New University, won the New Designers Habitat Award (see our previous story for details of all the award winners).


"I’d like my pieces to be like your favourite blanket," says Kanehira. "They always welcome you and make you warm. Through my works, I would like to give people feelings like when you snuggle into your favourite blanket, when you get a hug from someone, when you have a nap on the grass or when you skip over a puddle."


The following captions are from the designer:


Cushion Stool
Cushion stool stands by itself with its four legs. People use cushion in various places to get comfortable. I simply added four legs so that cushion has a reasonable height to reach a table.


Cushion Sofa
Cushion sofa is structured with oversized cushions. The sofa invites you to snuggle in, not only by the comfort of the seat itself, but comfort for your eyes. Cushion covers of the backs can be changed. You can customize the sofa with your favourite fabrics, and enjoy different fabrics from summer to winter.


Bird Hooks
People put up ornaments on a wall. What if ornament becomes functional? The birds are coming out and going into a wall, waiting for you to carry your things. You will have a chat with the birds when you use them.“Oh, thank you.” The bird smashed into a door, and he got stuck there.


Branch Hooks
Branches are always great for hooks. I cast a real branch in brass to give an ornamental look, and strength as a hook.


Lazy Rug
Lazy Rug allows you to be absolutely lazy. This is originally from Japanese furniture called Kotatsu: a low table covered with quilt, and heater located inside. Once you get into the warm blanket, you cannot get out even for toilet.


I designed furniture that you don’t have to get out from the laziness. Bring everything you need to be lazy; food, drink, magazine, cigarettes, PC.


When you get a little bit sleepy, curl up in the rug, and if you need to go for one more cup of tea, just wear the rug to stay in the warm rug. Drag your laziness around your house.




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  • cute!

  • misshon


  • edward

    I had a pair of “cushion” chairs a number of years ago. The only difference was the legs, which in mine were much thicker, about 12 cm dia. and bullet nosed, of plastic. Also the upholstery was striped to recall the traditional pillow covering. Italian I believe. The legs on these look too spiny.

  • sander

    See this one…. more elegant and less sampling:
    Look for quilt stool.

  • Zenza


    Oh… that girl is hot :D

  • MiM


    with legs

    is that it?

  • rhombhoidial28x

    simply fabulous…

  • awesome!

  • i love the lazy rug! great new idea!

  • twist1958

    Fantastisches Design; es ist anders, inspirierend, neu! Es zeigt phantasievolles, liebevolles Herangehen. So sollten Möbel gestaltet werden. Mit einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz—KOMFORT—Augenweide—-Inspiration!!!!!Weiter so, Naoko Kanehira!!!DANKE!!!

  • twist1958

    OH, i´ve seen this little bird, two pieces, in a german internet-shop. I want to buy it!

  • phuongtt

    Naoko Kanehira one of the best Designers of Habitat ???