Siren MP3 player by PearsonLloyd



London-based product designers PearsonLloyd designed the Siren MP3 player for Signeo, which has just been launched in Japan.


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The following information is from PearsonLloyd:



The Siren MP3 player is an attempt to understand how pure function and reduced complexity can lead to a simple and harmonious design. Designed to be comfortable in the hand and pocket with no sharp edges and very slim buttons, the MP3 player has been sized and arranged to allow easy navigation with the additional function of a mirrored screen that can be used as a vanity mirror for females.


Modern technology has allowed huge changes to interface possibilities yet we still base the logic of communication on simple commands; stop, play, fast forward, pause etc. In addition the selection and control of the interface is still dependent on manipulation of our digits.


Update: PearsonLloyd have provided the following photo for scale.


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  • Hemi

    Surprisingly generic.. come on PearsonLloyd – you can do better than that!

  • Clifford

    Pretty bad case of Ipod-enviousness I’d say! But what would you expect from two brits?

  • omar


  • marcos

    looks like an air conditioning control

  • Zenza

    Dezeen!? What the hell?!

    I mean… this is a great bog and all, but the post quality from the last few months is way LOW. Why is this even here?

    This MP3 player just reminds me of the crap objects that pharmaceutical companies offer to doctors. This just looks like it was designed/assembled in China.

    Very. Very. Very. Bad!

  • I find the apparatus nicely simple. Not everybody needs touchscreen, colorflow, or internet access in their MP3 players.

  • Oops I meant “coverflow” instead of “colorflow” in the last post :P

  • Xit

    This is a lame attempt at being “simple”.

    It passes for a ‘bland, no interest, not even trying to be nicely proportioned discrete minimalist design ” air conditioning or electric garage door handset etc…..

  • Zenza

    Blame minimalism for the lack of ideas.

  • doughmonkey

    Looks like Honeywell designed that one…

  • Kez

    This is beautiful, i’d trade my nano on this in a heartbeat!!
    mmmm just want to hold it

    All of you shouting bland whatnots, stop with the hating already

    earlier post concerning scale:
    I reckon figure it out looking at the pic with the headphone connection…

  • piero meastro

    It is reminding me of the things people use for taking temperatures.
    Only thing is to put it in the same place, perhaps the best place for it.

  • John T

    “mirrored screen that can be used as a vanity mirror for females”

    Because males never look in the mirror. Real men, of course, will use the mirrored screen to reflect sun-signals from mountaintops on their rugged MacGuyveresque adventures. Why did they leave that part out of the marketing copy, huh?

  • Matthew

    A lovely reminder of the purism that all ‘tools’ should possess.

    Don’t worry PearsonLloyd, those of us who actually think before we write understand what you’re all about.

    And Clifford, have you forgotten that Jonathan Ive is a British? You probably have no idea who he even is do you?

  • Hemi

    How is an MP3 player a tool exactly?

  • Matthew

    A tool is an object that has been designed to perform a particular purpose. This object has a sole purpose. The playback of music. How is it not a tool?

  • Clifford

    I’d probably know who he was even if I didn’t want to. He has had an indisputable influence of tech design, and an unquestionable influence on PearsonLloyd when designing this dozen-MP3. Heck, even the button typography is the same. All I am saying is why not try something new? Every second-grade tech brand is trying to copy Apple, PearsonLloyd claims to be at the forefront of the design scene. With such an ambition, you need to deliver fresh ideas, not lame mimicking.

  • Clifford

    Take a look at Norweigian design studio Norway Says and their MP3 for Asono called “Mica”. Fresh and original yet stylish.

  • Tony T


    I think Clifford makes reference to Ive & Pearson Lloyd having the SAME nationality (British, for those who don’t live on earth) and therefore Pearson Lloyd wantiing to follow in the footsteps of Ive.

  • Hemi

    Shouldn’t it be more than a tool? Seems strange to describe something that enables one to appreciate art (music) as a ‘tool’.

    Anyway, tool or not, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a disappointing piece of design from two usually good designers. I can’t seem to find anything particularly pure (or intelligent) about it at all..

  • señor iranzo

    how is this trying to copy apple? as far as i know apple hasn’t patented white plastic. yet.

  • keroppiSG

    it's a little to big for my taste… yes its portable and all, but i'm all about aesthetics and it's just not pretty to look at and i wouldn't want to hang that around my neck ( well, first of all, i wouldn't want to hang any electronics around my neck )