Alex Hellum at 100% Norway



Here's a selection of work by Norwegian designer Alex Hellum, which will be on show at 100% Norway in London this September.


Palette dressing table and stool, Peg chair and Birdside table were all designed for homeware retailer Heals.


"Nobody needs a dressing table,” says Hellum. “It’s not like a chair or a table - it’s not about function. It’s all about glamour. You have to want it.


“I made it from beech; wherever possible I use local timber because it has a vernacular quality that somehow comes through in the final product. Beech is very good for turning and this piece has lots of turning.”

100% Norway will be at 100% Design, Earls Court, 18-21 September.

The following information is from 100% Norway:


Alex Hellum has developed a distinctive design style based on observation, utility and honest use of materials. His starting point is often a pragmatic one. Watchful of use, he asserts that in design “there is always a practical solution” and believes part of the role of the designer is to “give reason for things to exist”.

Alex is very much a hands on designer, creating objects that have natural longevity in both build and function. His sensitive use of wood and reclaimed materials gives his designs their character, depth and integrity.

Born in Larvik, Norway, Alex Hellum is a furniture and product designer living and working in the UK. He has worked on numerous private and commercial design commissions and has designed products for Heal’s, Thorsten Van Elten and Ercol.

In 2008 Alex Hellum is launching his own low volume production furniture brand, continuing his work as a designer for other furniture companies and expanding his teaching role at Buckinghamshire New University.

  • required name

    It’s like Hayme Hayon meets Marcel Wanders.

  • Xit

    Mooooooi too !

  • zuy


  • zuy

    Bertjan Pot, 2005

  • Zenza

    Marcel Wanders wannabe? :)

  • xtiaan

    quote:“Nobody needs a dressing table,” says Hellum. “It’s not like a chair or a table – it’s not about function. It’s all about glamour. You have to want it.”

    which is ironic really considering just how unglamourous his dressing table design is. I like it tho, its kinda like po’mo shaker furniture or something.

  • Artistic Interiors

    These pieces speak to me.

  • zuy

    “design style based on observation, utility ” :a lot of young designers did a seat with hanger, that doest work without people seating on…
    @Artistic Interiors, “this pieces speak to me” he question is what do you hear or understand or feel ?
    @ xtiaan glamourous? this design style it’s like a “boudin antillais” turn wood in “charcuterie”….it’s not great for a palette dressing table!!!!

  • zuy

    young designers as Hyuh-Jin Lee + Hyeroung Choen, christian Vivanco did a hanger seat …main problem it’s unstable with a coat

  • zuy

    @xtiaan, it’s near american country style
    For example the 3 legged sool is more a milky stool than a stool for palette dressing table… it’s more easy to take from one cow to an other than a 4 legged stool and he need a special feet position, it’s not stable as camping 3 legged stool with your 2 feet in front of the stool.
    There are some good design in 100% Norway but they are not in the dominent dutch style…

  • Gitta

    I like it a lot, particularly the coatstand stool!

  • d

    very nice

  • zuy

    To elarge to 100% i prefer this product:
    Boy poof, designed by Norway Says, manufactured by LK Hjelle
    Trippel table, designed by Wyller, Frøstad & Klock

  • Its ok to be inspired by others up to a point..nice visually pleasing pieces

  • edward

    You call that a dressing table! With the itty-bitty mirror! My mom had the real thing: Two sets of drawers on either side of a 1.5m high mirror. I was always mystified by the powders, potions, and various implements.