Machabang by Company



Aamu Song & Johan Olin of Finnish design studio Company created Machabang, a temporary installation at the Insa Art Space in Seoul, Korea earlier this year.


Intended to resemble an indoor street-market, the space is used by visitors to the museum for reading, watching videos and drinking coffee.


The installation ran from March 6 - June 30.

The following information is from Company:


Project: Macha Bang
Place: Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
Design: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)


We were assigned by INSA Art Space to make a space for visitors to read books, view videos and drink coffee. We were given two weeks time, a budget (in cash) and two interns to help in the building work.


After a fast calculation of time and money available, we decided to make an indoor street-market.


All materials and furniture can be bought from the streets in Seoul and there are many super-fast Pojanmacha (street stand) makers.


To have a street market indoors we decided to make everything soft and use as many colours as possible.


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  • M. Elm

    nightmare on Elm street…

  • Zenza

    You gotta be kidding…

  • zuy

    nice ideas here and there but the first impression is like elm ans Zenza

  • justina


  • Doctor Scruffknuckles

    [b]juvenile at best imho[/b]

  • its very nice

  • Evidawaty

    Cozy, fun and colourfull, the atmosphere is like a space for the thingking room, everyone relax, enjoy and have fun in the room, tried to stressout from the ?!@$#&***### , and think the opposite way of thinking something erhgggg#%^&? into something WOooooW, yeaahhh…. maybe i could have some chajang myun with egg scroll and some cola beer, (not beer, but little it’s ok, but not to much, eeehhhm but if really stressfull, maybe OK it’s alright….). Nice concept by bringing the street market into the indoor market with fun and friendly colour, cozy, like it… work….ooohh sooo Nice…., me like it very much so colourfull, soft yet unique, cozy place, hope to see more nicest work like this……….:)