Room 68 by Anarchitect



Room 68 is a bar and restaurant in Hampstead, London, designed by Anarchitect.


The project involved converting a Victorian pub in a listed building into a bar and restaurant.


A roof light was removed and replaced with a glass floor, forming a roof terrace.


The renovation was completed early last year.


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Here's some more information from the Architects:

Room 68
Hampstead London

Conversion of an old victorian pub into a bar and restaurant, in a conservation area and Grade 2 listed building, on two floors.


The building has been stripped back and old elements revealed, such as traditional pattered plastered ceiling, fireplaces and mahogany flooring.


Treating the existing with respect Anarchitect has installed new elements gingerly sitting in the spaces describing new function.


An existing Victorian roof light has been removed and a structural glass floor installed creating a useable and dynamic roof terrace.


Dutch metal ceilings, Italian Terrazzo bars sit alongside plywood and flexible poured floors. A main glass sound to light bar changes colour as the evening and mood changes. Their Seamless recycled chairs adorn the roof terrace.


A light-wall installation explains its context, describing each elements of neighboring sites and locations.


A dynamic, contextual environment has been created, referring to its history, but never allowing the past to dictate to its current usage and needs.


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  • cokeyn

    This intrior sucks!!! It´s worst than 70´s. I´am sorry, bud this is my point of view.

  • ongjunhao

    reminds me of a sauna…

  • One

    money can’t buy me love~

  • Billy

    If you don’t live in or know London its hard to make a valued comment- each area has its own vibe and a designer has to cater for the local taste. Yes this will do very well in Hampstead.. good design ditto the lamp choice

  • Tyler Durden

    Please stop posting this kind of crap work on Dezeen please… horrible!

    Come one Dezeen, keep up the standard!

  • nasty

  • esa

    it all looks very dated, especially with with the colour scheme and the lighting only enhances the dated look more.
    i think if u got rid of the dome lampshades and the colours were different u could save this place.
    im never goping to hampstead either.

  • esa

    it all looks very dated, especially with with the colour scheme and the lighting only enhances the dated look more.
    i think if u got rid of the dome lampshades and the colours were different u could save this place.
    im never GOING* to hampstead either.

    my bad

  • leopoldo

    Tyler durden: Porque no posteas vos tus trabajos a ver si son mejores que estos.Aparte no a todo el mundo le gusta lo mismo.

    “Tyler Durden” respeto al trabajo”

  • leopoldo

    Good work. :)

  • Tyler Durden

    leopoldo: you don’t need to be a good architect to be a good critic. Which also read – you don’t need to post work here to critic here. Most architectural critics are not architects.

    At the end of the day, crap is crap. Can’t see what’s good about this piece of work, ‘taste’ aside. Honestly!

  • Fbot

    Those pendants were a bad choice here

  • Billy

    Lamps- should have gone for Dixon Mirrorballs instead

  • tiffany

    How can you make an Elton John interior if you call yourself Anarchitect?

  • ashton

    well, there are people who can appreciate genius, and there are those who cant. this restaurant is good. i rest my case :)

  • ashton

    i cant believe all the critics are talking about how “dated” the design looks, whereas, that was the whole point of the architect! site context, cultural context! are u guys really designers / architects ?

  • Dr Skruffknuckles

    Yes Iam an architect an I think this is not very good, Zaha would of done a better job a few years back.

  • design to a t

    my god is this what happens when you dont go to design school. too cluttered and fussy. less is more……….

  • Bob

    Cute name, “Anarchitect.” Wishful thinking, though.

  • wouww i like shadow & light. so thin thinking about design to… very nice…

  • All of them luxury and shiny clasy… Very Nice decoration.

  • Awesome, very nice decoration.