Norm 03 Steel by Britt Kornum



Another product from Normann Copenhagen: Danish architect Britt Kornum has designed a steel version of her Norm 03 Lamp for the Danish brand.


The lamp will come pre-constructed, unlike the original version which required the user to assemble the lamp themselves.


Norm 03 Steel will be available from September. Below: Britt Kornum


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The following is from Normann Copenhagen:


Sophisticated sculptural light in a new interpretation – Normann Copenhagen launches Norm 03 in steel.

Normann Copenhagen had added exclusivity to the Norm 03 lamp. The original assemble-yourself lamp, designed by Britt Kornum in lamp shade foil, is now launched in an exclusive assembled version in stainless steel.


Norm 03 is an organic, modern lamp, giving a sculptural light over any dining table. In the new steel version, the living and decorative light that Norm 03 casts on the ceiling is intensified and the reflection of the light is enhanced by the many nuances of the steel, from jet-black to shiny, giving an exclusive look.

Britt Kornum designed Norm 03 in 2003, hence the name, while she was studying at the School of Architecture. Norm 03 is originally inspired by flower ornaments, with the idea of creating a pattern of strips based on simple principles. Today the lamp, which is part of the popular norm series, decorates private homes and companies in more than 60 countries.

Norm 03 in steel is a ceiling pendant complete with a fabric cable with incorporated wire, which initially will be produced in the European version.

Measurements: Small 53 x 32 cm

Material: Stainless steel

Light source:
Supplied with a 20 Watt low energy bulb

Recommended retail price:
£550, - incl. VAT

Posted on Monday September 1st 2008 at 12:11 am by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • zuy

    I love Normann Copenhagen , a design prize winning company but
    love is not addiction and i dunnot find (as other commentators here) the Moon by Matthias Demacker a good project and a good product…Intramuros, a french bilingual mag wrote about the Normann’s stable of designers :”apply the ” less is more ” code while never forgetting to add just than little bit extra…” The Cognac glass by Rikke Hagen has the little bit extra…
    Now i will read the comments about Norm 03 ….

  • omar

    looks like ikea.

  • esa

    is it christmas already?

  • lars

    normann copenhagen may have some (very few) innovative and useful products in their catalogue. but most of it is short-dated fashionable design. a competitor to normann is using the slogan “against throwawayism” and i think this should at least be the objective for a responsabile company as well as for any designer. this lamp however did start with the form and not with the light. does anybody want the light of the last picture on their dining table? at least it comes with an energy saving bulb…

  • zuy

    a lot of companies in the world are MOOO’s followers …so as said Laviani, young italian designers are dutch design’s followers , wanderised …
    ” less is more ” is the design code for Normann Copenhagen while never forgetting to add just than little bit extra…” …but not too much!!!
    See the nextb trends : next Maison et objects in Paris , simple is coming back

  • zuy

    danish designers are VERY creative :D

  • zuy

    @lars …

    End users are VERY creative :D too for : example see Moma in New York is VERY creative :D with Normann Copenhagen i”nnovative and useful products ”

  • Sabir