Chris Bangle podcast interview



Dezeen podcasts: our latest podcast features a question-and-answer session with Chris Bangle (above), director of design at car brand BMW.


Bangle talks about different approaches to car design, people's changing relationships to their vehicles and his vision for the next paradigm in car making.


The podcast, in which Bangle answers journalists' questions, was recorded earlier this summer at the Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich, following the launch of the BMW Art Car installation Your Mobile Expecations by artist Olafur Eliasson.


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Posted on Wednesday September 3rd 2008 at 3:08 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I have suddenly became a fan of this guy- when the Z4 came out I thought it was a new generation TR7 awful etc – now I realise its a future classic and its looks

  • M. Elm

    Mister Bangle totally reminds me of mister Brendt from Oberpfaffelbachen, another creative genius at the service of BMW.


    I can’t even start to explain how big a fan I have become of BMW after visiting this link. Enjoy!

  • Wow, I see now why BMW didn’t abandon him earlier when the launch of the Bangle-ised 7, and 5 series so many years led to some harsh criticisms. To hear him speak, he sounds like a very insightful person with a very progressive attitude to change and an enthusiastic and embracing outlook to what future technologies would make possible.

    I still think many BMWs (the SUVs especially) are kinda ugly, but ugly to some and loved by others people is a million times better than generically acceptable to everyone.

  • I still don’t like his designs overall.

    Look at the wonderful shape of the S5 as a two door coupe that is fast.
    Then look at new M3.

    Not even in same ball park.

  • Fling

    Looks like a seagull shat on his tie in the first photo

  • tina

    Fantastic podcast- Formally the issues driving car design have alot of relevance to issues in architecture, and contemporary design (I sense), if only for the over lap in tools. And yet it is such an opaque industry. ThanksDezeen.

  • I must admit RWD just doesn`t do it for me so at least all you BMW fans won`t have to worry about everyone having one,one day.
    Mind you my kit-car {Pembleton Brooklands} has a BMW motorcycle engine in and i love that.
    The new bike engine looks nice as well.

  • Generally, i do not like the man who have some thick beard on their face,but Chris Bangle give me another feeling, it looks very well on his face,i think that makes him more art.
    I like it.

  • ijoj

    by the way ..the bmw vision efficient dynamics concept car is designed by a team of designers:

    Mario Majdandzic, Design Exterior
    Jochen Paesen, Design Interior
    Markus Speck, Design Structure, Seats & Details
    Felix Baerlin, Design Detail /User Interface

    …so four, young and extremely talented Vision Concept designers!!!