Competition: five copies of Hatch by
Kieran Long to be won



Dezeen have teamed up with publisher Laurence King to offer readers the chance to win one of five copies of Hatch: The New Architectural Generation by Kieran Long.


The 352-page book features work by more than 100 architects, architectural thinkers, academics, photographers, writers and bloggers, identified by Long as "a new generation that will soon take the lead in the practice and discourse of architecture across the world."

This competition has now closed.

The five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter.

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Here's some more information about the book from Laurence King:


Hatch - The New Architectural Generation by Kieran Long

“They do not all know each other, but many of them do - or will soon. Who knows? Perhaps this book might also encourage that process.” Kieran Long on those featured in Hatch

Hatch: The New Architectural Generation, by Kieran Long and published by Laurence King in August 2008 is a portrait of the architectural work produced by a new generation that will soon take the lead in the practice and discourse of architecture across the world.

More than 100 of the brightest new stars feature in this book, showcasing their unique projects and their ideas for the future. These are practitioners for whom the old categories do not hold and for whom modernism is no longer the orthodoxy.

The author Kieran Long, has selected work not only from a new generation of the most cutting-edge architects, but also from architectural thinkers, academics, photographers, writers and even bloggers to uncover the approaches to architecture that will come to their fruition in the coming years and decades. Long (editor of Architects’ Journal) also traces the links that make those featured in the book a connected generation.

Work ranges from Swiss military bunkers built into and disguised as rock formations, right through to FAT’s (Fashion Architecture Taste) Dutch Gabled, social housing project in Manchester, UK. Fiona Meadows, architect and curator at the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine discusses why, in architecture, BIG may not necessarily be the most beautiful and Italian born architect/engineer/designer Elena Manferdini highlights the cross-over between her fashion design and her architecture.

Kieran Long is editor of The Architects’ Journal, and is author of New London Interiors (2004) and co-author of Architects Today(2004). He is also curating an exhibition about emerging UK architecture at the Aedes gallery in Berlin (forthcoming).

800 colour illustrations
250 x 195 mm
352 pages
ISBN – 978 1 85669 562 6


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  • monsieur!

    the front covers really nice – ++

  • monsieur!

    is ‘hatch’ a wry reference to architects spending most of their life adjusting ‘fill’ layers in microstation prior to issuing drawing packages at about 10 at night?

  • Amir Yazdan

    I am an architect from U.T.@ Austin Texas, which I have been practicing in Tehran Iran since 1981 after working in Sanfransico.

  • Micheal

    Finally, a book in which I can bring to work and show my boss how “we” think (thus refereing to the new generation) and then I can follow by saying, “did you not know about…”. An exciting book for an exciting time in architecture.. Flat designers out, dimensional designers in.. lets make the world a more exciting place : )

  • monsieur!

    i wholeheartedly agree with amir yazdan’s incomprehensible comment!

  • ivana andrejevic

    I would love to see what is inside!

  • xtiaan

    hey amir yazdan, Im a sculptor/glassblower from wanganui in taranaki, which is in new zealand, Ive been doing it for quite a while and I once worked in a needle exchange in the 90’s, it was in auckland. I like brocoli.

    anyone else want to share?

  • xtiaan

    wow I just got an email saying i won
    thanks dezeen, i cant wait to read it.

  • Micah Joël

    I have viewed the book and it is a stunning compilation of various works across the globe. It is seriously cutting edge and is still a major source of inspiration today, especially now with the divulging Wildetecture. It is important to inspire in order to motivate so that what is created inspires further.