Vivienne Westwood Design Studios
by Anarchitect



Architects Anarchitects have been commissioned to redesign the studio of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in Battersea, London.


The new building will cantilever over Westwood's existing studio.


The following information is from Anarchitect:



Planning permission obtained Summer 2007
Starts on site Winter 2008
Due for completion Fall 2009
Existing building 950 sqm, new building 676 sqm
Materials are lacquered copper LAV cladding, sustainable timber, ceramics, Omnidec, glass, steel & traditial Victorian railings.
Structural engineers are Packman Lucas.
M & E engineers are CBG Consultants.

This press release unveils a new exciting project fashioned from a number of specific requirements from Vivienne Westwood Studios to be constructed next year.


With a desire to expand and a need to create a number of inspiring spaces for Vivienne and her team of international designers we were invited to devise a strategy whereby the company could preserve the existing fondly loved premises and enjoy a sustainable and economical 21st century design studio.


Without standing still, employees will be able to tiptoe around the existing building while building operations are underway, allowing Vivienne Westwood to continue to create her most exceptional brand of individual fashion.


Like Westwood, our relationship with the past is not to ignore or obliterate, but to use, understand and welcome the layers of history. By placing our new cantilevered structure over the existing building we intend to transform the old without replacing it. A new whole is created which expands the function and offers a striking visual identity.


The new development respects existing surroundings and is designed to integrate with the grain and pattern of the area. The new structure above will support and embrace creativity alongside managerial departments.

The old brick structure below will retain its historic usage of manufacture, stock and pattern cutting. The two elements are to
be linked by a new staircase which is revealed through the roof up into the underbelly of the new areas.

This link, which is essential to the functionality of the building is also a major emotional link allowing both the light of higher
creativity and the understanding that the ‘engine room’ provides the foundation for the success of the business.

The new building will also offer new disabled access from both the parking space and the street. A new lift will access all
floors in existing and proposed buildings.

Light and nature drive Vivienne Westwood Ltd. We have endeavoured to maximize light in all areas and include greenery where
possible at street levels and on roof tops, for the enjoyment of both staff and passers by.

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  • Tyler Durden

    Another piece of irrelevant, boring, uninventive and stupid work from these guys. Dezeen, why are you featuring these sort of work?!!!

  • JuiceMajor²

    I always wondered what will happen if you design for somoene who is as radical as Dame Vivienne and now I don’t have to. I have never been this excited for any project since errr…

    I do like the mix of new and old emelement like the intricate railing and the modern material for the facade!

  • One

    Why such ‘usual’ building for this fashion premise? I mean it should not be all twists and shouts, but this is so un-mode to house a fashion designer’s office.

  • *MIRTEC*

    complete waste of internet-space…
    don’t do this again dezeen!

  • emm

    quite random and boring

  • para

    boring, the small windows on the side are pathetic!

  • Lim

    Sorry to say this but i have to agree with the boring part.. The sketch though looks more exciting than the renderings.

  • sc hu yl er

    I’m beginning to wonder is Dezeen and Anarchitect is some kind of joint venture..

  • Boneheads

    Boneheads – they have a program and site specific objectives – not to be overbearing – unobtrusive in design so as to coexist with existing urban fabric – gee, nothing but NEGATIVITY – where’s the constructive criticism – should you post your own work to get pissed on by your peers

  • Seb

    I like its retention of the modest brick warehouse and the fact that it isn’t all bells & whistles. Bit of a relief from the usual and unnecessary attempt at being ‘iconic’.

  • edward

    Nice work! The new blends well with the existing yet exhibits the required pizzazz without being overly ostentatious. No need for a new architecture every Monday.

  • mama

    For someone that used to be so radical in fashion Ms Westwood has rather a bland taste in architecture.

  • jasper

    HILARIOUS! Not the building, but the number of b*tches and whiners on this site.

    In all seriousness, I check dezeen these days to see what all you whining negative idiots have to say next..! Why waste your clearly valuable time?

    Or perhaps you are unaware that this and other projects posted here have other objectives than to satisfy the aesthetic whims of you, the random architect whinger on a random internet blog.

  • Kayser

    Agree with Boneheads.
    It’s not about the “WOW” factor, but how the design fits specific requirements, restrictions, and of course the CLIENT. So what if it aint new? That doesn’t mean its not a brilliant design.

  • J

    This is so not vivienne westwood. Look more like some kitsch kerry hill design.

  • J

    @the people who complain about Dezeen showing this: by showing the less interesting projects we can enjoy the real interesting projects even more.

  • Tyler Durden

    Dear Friends of Anarchitect,

    Boring and mediocre is not the opposite of ‘iconic’.

    Blending in? There are so many ways in being contextual. Look at works of Caruso St John, Sergison Bates etc.

    There is no excuse for bad work.

    The whole point of peer review is to be critical.

  • conceptually made and I don’t see anything too negative with it. Dutch indeed and I kinda like it.. Right around the corner from me.. nice

  • billy

    dezeen bitchers

    Viv must be happy with them- they designed all her shops

    the design is compromised by existing structure- so they have done a good job imo, similar in approach to a Tokyo based firm(who the bitchers would never have a bad word to say)

  • wartian

    the architect is able to blend the modernity/technology and tradision together and it can be clearly seen from this project. both having a symbiosis relationship and both existing and new building have equal shares of esthetic. The design shows the response to the sense of space.

    But the spirit of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD is not being addressed. VW always shock the fashion field by their daring and ‘naughty’ design and I hope the spirit of VW can be shown in the building as well.without the sence of shocking, daring or naughty. This design studio might not belong to VW. Maybe Hermes, juicy couture or etc…

    Anyway, this project is a distinction proj!!

  • jed_

    i don’t find this boring but i do find it ugly.

  • J

    if the design is bad, it is bad. stop all the excuses.

  • Wartian I like the project but agree it should be more VW- they should use barbed wire on the balconies and fabricate large safety pins for the door handles – maybe a swastika above the door

  • wartian

    ya…I agree with Will, all these details will make the proj be more VW, hopefully your ideas Will be considered!

    wall art or street art can be applied on the wall as well!!

  • Pedro

    I can’t believe it! Architecture!
    all those who say “boring” “complete waste of internet-space…” , please architecture is not a show!
    The new building makes a god dialogue with the old.

  • Fling

    British buildings seem to have hats on them, as if they aren’t sure how to stop it vertically. This has a hat too, a kind of black funereal cap. Opposite to what Tom Jones might have taught us, you can leave your hat off, and it would be better. Although – it is also wearing a jacket, and Phil Collins assures us that this is not required.

  • Nell

    Considering that im working on a school project with the same concept of maintaing the existing buildings on the site and building around them, of course i find this project to be unique and amazing…I do agree about the windows. Although they refer to the windows in the existing building, they should at least mimic the pattern to make for a more agressive statement. But, who knows what the interior holds…im sure the limiting of natural light has something to do with fabrics fading and whatnot. Overall, great idea…LOVE IT!! It would be nice to see more context in order to see how the building fits in to the surrounding area

  • Emily

    As an architect, it is your job to work around the contraints of the site and produce a design that is functional, yet aesthetically pleasing.

    This piece of awkwardness is more low-budget high-school extension, than studio of an iconic fashion designer.

    There is no excuse for bad design and for all you whimpers out there, come to my university and sit through a crit – then you’ll know the true meaning of critique.