Next-Gene 20 by various architects



Venice Architecture Biennale: here are more designs for villas at the Next-Gene 20 project in Taiwan, which will feature 20 homes designed by Taiwanese and international architects. Above: Radix House by Shu-Chang Kung


More info and images in our earlier story. Above: Ridge House by Hailim Suh


The project was launched in Venice during the architecture biennale last week. Above: FlexiVilla by Toshiko Mori


Above: Triptych House by Yung Ho Chang


Above: Villa Palladio by IaN+


Above: House Aurum by Fernando Menis

Above: Architecture Farm by Akihisa Hirata


Above: Terra Vista by David Chun-Tei Tseng


Above: Cocoon by Kris Yao


Above: The Elf on the hilltop by Wen-Chieh Chiu


Above: The House Q – In Phrase of Stratus by Kyle Chia-Kai Yang


Above: Chromosome-H by Hsueh-Yi Chien


Above: Z-house by Irving Hung-Hui Huang


Above: Floating Courtyard by Ray Chen


Above: Monsoon and the earthworms by Sheng-Yuan Huang


Above: - Calligraphic House by Yu-Tung Liu.

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  • paramecic design

    Geez, what a trash!

  • felix

    ian+ renderings are outstanding

  • so

    This is really not worthwhile to be shown on Dezeen! I totally agree…WHAT A TRASH!

  • niels

    I have to agree that most of these projects are far to formalistic for me. It just looks like architects showing off just how complex forms they can produce instead of giving a smart answer to the context and the problem of housing in general. On the other hand the big problem, to me, lies within the contest itself it doesn’t seem there’s any context in the assignment given to these architects. As a last remark: as decadent as these designs may be, they look more justified than most off the international contributions (especially Hadid’s)

  • tiffany

    super! Great vision of the people who came up with the idea to ask these architects. Creative world needs more of these ambitious people.

  • roadkill

    what a nice collection of banal proposals… bless!

  • hendrix

    yeah, this is BS

  • mama


  • runningforasthma

    Oh dear, I have to agree with the previous sentiments. Banal beyond belief, they look like a collection of second-year student projects (saying first year would be too harsh) not a supposed next-generation of forward thinking architects.

  • sucks…everything look like beginning of 90’s

  • At first my eye had to adjust to the thought of living in these creations. Yet, with a feng shui background, I am drawn to the curves which tend to move the energy around more freely. I think I would be into it. It’s taking Modern way into the future and I’d have to design the interior with balance in mind. –Cheryl Janis, author of lifestyle and design blog Planet Pink n’ Green –

  • One

    huummm, why have \Venice collected these debris…?

  • yrag

    I’m not trying to be glib, but Radix House looks like a ruined bunker. Maybe because the photo is grayscale and it’s surrounded by sickly looking twigs.

  • me