New products by Pottinger & Cole



British design studio Pottinger & Cole launched a range of new products at 100% Design London last month. Above: Swoop chair. Below: 'C' pendant


The studio was formed in 2005 by designers Wayne Pottinger and Natalie Cole. The following information is from Pottinger & Cole:


Press Release
September 2008

Pottinger & Cole launch new products at 100% Design

Design duo Pottinger & Cole will be launching four new products at this year’s 100% Design. Following on from their success last year, when they were short-listed as Best Newcomers, they will be showcasing an upholstered seat, lighting and a shelving system.


Invert is a sculptural but functional coffee table. (above)


Made from 2mm laser cut rolled steel, the frame of the table is lightweight and flexible, but when combined with the toughened glass top, the repeat pattern creates an incredibly strong structure.


Swoop is an exciting new upholstered chair by Pottinger & Cole. Produced in two moulded plywood shells, the bold mix of colours accentuates the swooping form of the seat and the crisp edges give it a clean aesthetic. (above)


The ‘C’ pendant is a simple but striking light made from spun aluminium.  Available in a brushed aluminium finish or powder coated in a variety of colours, the light works well as part of an installation of several lights or equally well as a single statement piece. (above)


Phrase produced in powder-coated steel and moulded plywood is an elegant free standing shelving system. The frame creates one continuous looping form that the shelves intersect. Dividers can be added in any position along the shelves to suit the user. (above)

Another of Pottinger & Cole’s products the Peel Lamp launched as a prototype last year at 100% Design will be on display on CTO Lightings’ stand, after the product was picked up by them last year and has now been put into production.

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  • I love the chair!

  • Fling

    ‘Invert’ reminds me of the coffee table I designed once. It scored 10/10 for ‘sculptural’ – I carved it out of a single block of organic set yoghurt with a toothpick. Alas, it failed miserably on ‘functionality’ test as it lacked a flat surface of any description, and coffee melted right through it.

  • Zenza

    Indeed. It’s pretty nice. Yet reminds me a bit of early 2000 mixed with a soft touch of 70s :D

  • Richard Rowntree

    I like the lamp, especially the first version in white. The coffetable is nice as well, but the rest on their website isn’t nearly as original.

  • V

    What a boring nonsense of a chair. Nothing new. No function. Just form, aesthethics, fashion. In a year it will be old.

  • mama

    Another designer, another chair, another hanging light, another shelving system. Yawn…yawn…yaaaawn…zzzzz.

  • mama

    And a coffee table. Yawn. Bring back Dieter Rams please.

  • Billy

    Saleable products but this summed up 100% design- commercial but nothing really exciting or different. LDF was pretty bad this yr, can’t wait to get over to Nortrijk in two weeks

  • asum

    Launch? All this are renderings!!!!
    Where are being sold? Can we see real prototypes?

  • @asum:

    look again.

    jeez, you would think someone posting criticism towards other designers would be able to tell a rendering from a picture.

    btw, it’s “all THESE…”

  • I love this design!