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If you've noticed that Dezeen is a bit slow to load at the moment, here's why - our traffic has grown dramatically over the last couple of months with almost a million readers last month. Above: quarterly unique visitors and page loads, Q1 2007 to Q3 2008 (source: Statcounter. See graph below for key).


September was our best month ever, with 937,072 unique visitors, according to Statcounter, and 2,105,616 page views. For those who don't trust Statcounter, Google Analytics gives us around 30% fewer visitors (647,822) but around 250% more page views (5,588,086). So it's pretty good either way.

Traffic in the third quarter of 2008 was up around 25% compared to the previous quarter (see graph above) and has grown over 400% compared to the same period last year.

The downside is our poor server can hardly cope, and even though we've upgraded it twice over the summer, it looks like we'll have to upgrade again... please be patient! But don't stop visiting... thanks once again to all our readers.

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  • Congrats Marcus! :-)

  • abe

    Go dezeen go!

  • rik

    I’m a new reader and I feel so unoriginal.

  • mazen

    GoodLuck Dezeen…:)

  • Sooo nice !

  • Its partly my fault. I stumbled upon this site some days ago, glad that I did!

    I agree that fewer but more loyal readers is positive.

  • Tyler.

    Oh you bastards! Grats Congrats. Cheers.

  • Tyler.

    btw I don’t like review magazine ads on the left_ it’s yuck and don’t fit here :/

  • Patricio Paredes


  • cpcp

    Great stuff!
    Keep going!

  • JuiceMajor²

    Well is a good site!! Keep up the good job guys!

  • F

    the magazine in question is a great supporter of Dezeen ..
    Loyalty before all ..
    Bravo Marcus .

  • Thanks for your kind comments everyone – but please don’t knock our advertisers! We need to make a living here and we can’t survive without the revenue we get from advertising and our Dezeenjobs recruitment site.

    Thanks to all our advertisers for your support, we really appreciate it (and we wouldn’t be here without you).

    Marcus, Dezeen

  • Keep the good work and this number will grow even more. Other famous design blogs are loosing readers because are posting less good design products and more stupid useless gadgets.
    Stay with good design!

  • … makes me dream if I could have half of that… you deserve it congratulations!!

  • I reckon it was that Dezeen sticker you put on the back of my wheelchair what done it.

    … But seriously, congrats!

  • John Smith

    number of visitors up = quality of posts down.

    worrying. Hey, and have a lot of comments been remove from this post?

  • congrats marcus!!

    look forward to seeing dezeen grow and grow!!


  • Yeah! I’m one in a MILLION!

  • Eduardo Baroni: Are you BLIND. Famous design blogs such as Yanko who practically specializes in concepts/gadgets are doing extremely well. I just did a quick check on them and the Design Council in UK had this to say about them:

    One of the largest and most influential design sites, Yanko is where a lot of other bloggers (from Wired to Core77) get their leads.

    Personally I love Dezeen but don’t start knocking off other sites.

  • Congratulations to you all. Also have a look at our new blog.

  • Riedy Mercedes: I am not blind. It´s only my opinion. And I didn´t say what other blogs were. If you assumed it was Yanko it was your opinion not mine. And If you and other million people like stupid gadgets ok. I don´t. And I won´t.

    Say your opinion without atacking other people own thoughts.

    I love Yanko Design and lots of other blogs. Don´t put words in my comments, Riedy. Have your own ideas.

  • romeo

    MENATEVELA DI MENO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GG


    Please take the comment option off your site.
    Most of the comments are demeaning and idiotic.
    Maybe you think having the option to comment is engaging critical debate – it isn’t
    its just become a platform for easy, faceless, and unjust critism.

    They have taken the joy out of what was once a fascinating daily snapshot of the newest stuff out there.

  • KidA

    GG – if you don’t find anything interest in the comments, don’t read them.

    The editors should keep the comment option on the site since, every now and then, there are people who provide structured criticism that furthers ideas.

  • congratulations !!!