X-System by Alexander Lotersztain



Brisbane designer Alexander Lotersztain has created X-System, a shelving system for Australian brand Planex.


The modular system features X-shaped pillars that slot into rails on the shelves, and only requires an Allen key for assembly.


The following is from Planex:


X = the universal answer to shelving

X-System, the latest release from Australian design-manufacturer Planex in collaboration with Brisbane-based designer Alexander Lotersztain, is a unique, modular shelving system that combines strength, simplicity, minimalism and versatility.


Choice is a key feature of the unique X-System design. Users can choose installation options and construction combinations that range from a simple credenza to an extensive wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelving system that utilises spans of up to 3.5 metres, and which works in all interior environments.


Shelves are available in an assortment of lengths and in 120 stylish colours. They can be used to 'create' a monochromatic installation that blends in with its environment, in a contrasting colour to make a statement, or combine several colours for a more animated or casual effect.


Lotersztain's philosophy of design simplicity has once again provided a bold outcome. Inspired by architectural structures, the simple 'x' pillar slots into the shelf 'rails' to form a strong, interlocking, stackable system requiring only an Allen-key to assemble.


Recognised as one of Australia's hottest new designers, Lotersztain has recently featured in a number of national and international journals and publications including Who's hot in an international design and '& Fork' (Phaidon). Lotersztain was recently invited to work on Limes, Australia’s latest pure-design hotel, contributing interior designs for the bathroom, kitchen furniture and fittings, the corporate identity, and a large proportion of the hotel’s furniture.


X-System is Australian-made and manufactured by Planex Melbourne. It is 100 per cent recyclable, designed for fast and complete disassembly, and flat-packed for convenient national and international transportation.


X-System is available nationally and exclusive to interior designers and architects through Planex.


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  • Very nice…
    I wonder though, how do you avoid scratching the paint with the allen screws?

  • pop

    this is very nice.. bravo

  • Young

    it’s smart

  • kula

    love the last pic, cute cute!

  • modular

    Pure ID : i dig! And yes… that last pictures is sweet, hahah!!

  • Anto

    really appreciable, multi functional, good shape synthesis. there is quality in this design and suggests new way of use.

  • juliet


  • aida

    i think its not the new idea and,also i feel its acold design as a ferniture for intorior of a house.maybe its just good for office or some comrtial places….

  • mr.vlad


  • kingmu

    i’d be curious of the pricing before i’d make final judgement.

  • zuy

    good design but i’m agree with Kingmu price is also an élement of choice

  • zuy

    simplicity, functionnality, good design

  • Max

    Nice work, I’ve seen it in melbourne, its really stable, would make a good space partition

  • sufin

    finally good n proper design on dezeen…

  • rat

    def. not a new idea almost a copy from the Brisbane designer. Stephen Burks from NYC already did a modular shelf system for Cappellini a few years back based on folded sheet metal and ‘X’ shape pillar. is this really unique or just cosmetics?

    check his website…..


  • Belgian Architect

    Gotto say this: The concept on its own is not new of any kind. I also agree with the comment that it is hard to judge without knowing the price. On the other hand I’m quite convinced of the fact that its aesthethics are brilliant. It’s one of these things you would buy just to play around with…

  • LOW

    love it

  • Smartest shelving system I’ve ever seen.

  • mama

    Looks well made. As individual components in carefully composed photos they look great. When assembled together the effect is a bit lost – I don’t know, maybe too many “witty” giraffes and sneakers?

  • omar

    yeah, nice.
    simple and good
    made in australia, what a rearity.

  • Cram

    I think Burks x system is clever but not as refined as Lotersztain’s, the finishing on this system is pretty good, definately more robust.

  • Pat

    Excellent shelves! I´d love to have them.An idea : do the same but with 90 cm. wide shelves and you can sleep people on them,like a pile of three, for kids or hostels.

  • joe

    Looks good. Looks sturdy. I like that it’s a simple concept that has room for expansion as needs or market justify. Now, is it going to be affordable or are they going to make 5 sets and wait for them to sell at the most exclusive shops? Real utility comes when the masses can utilize it.

  • Luis

    I saw it last week for the first time in the Planex showroom in Richmond, Melbourne and I loved it. It is so fresh and flexible and the price was good. So many different options and so many different places you could use it.

  • Gino Sanoni

    How can I buy one and how much is it?