Eemeli and Betty by Lincoln Kayiwa



Helsinki-based designer Lincoln Kayiwa has designed two multi-functional home and office objects. kayiwa_5.jpg

Called Eemeli (top two images) and Betty (below), they are available in black or white porcelain and glass.


The objects can be used as vases, candle holders, umbrella stands or even fish bowls, apparently.


The following is from Kayiwa Oy:

#1 of 4


Is it a reef? Is it a symbiote? No, it's EEMELI! You may just plain admire it or place flowers in it.


This baby comes in black or white porcelain and glass.


#2 of 4


BETTY is a vase.


BETTY is a candelabrum.


BETTY is even a fish bowl or an umbrella holder.


BETTY looks wonderful when empty too.


The obverse and reverse sides of the BETTY let you use it the way you like.


BETTY comes in black or white porcelain and glass.

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  • sims

    a fishbowl?!?!?!?!??!

  • pop


  • kev

    too mutch functions , means = no function !
    look , I give you a shape , do what ever you want with it !

  • capucine

    umbrella holder or ..a coffin for fish

  • Stefan

    haha… funny… if its as cheap as the intention i’ll get some ;-)

  • WM

    is it a rendering or real

  • tarkovski

    show us real product Lincoln:) everyone can make:( 3d renderings

  • zuy

    after holes of different sizes in a flat piece of metal by demacker we have the same differents holes in a volume…cheese design ;-) !!!

  • Bla Bla Bla

    Try manufacturing those seaweed specimens!!!!!

  • modular

    swiss cheese on steroids

  • quik

    trendy but useless. umbrella is not a fish and the other way around

  • OKP

    sorry seeeen this to many times in my life… and i work in same field as these people

  • i really like it! the objects look quite fascinating…

  • jed_

    oh yeah i saw this on a documentary exposé on TV. i think it was called “the worlds most depressed goldfish” or something.

  • gaque

    subdivs to the max

  • joe

    pretty average renderings…
    try increasing thesampling rate for you ambient occlusion pass

  • i’m not saying i like it but i’d like to see an actual photograph. this sort of thing is quickly done in a spare half hour on studiomax. Manufacturing this is another story.

  • hendrix

    this is ridiculous. Obscene, actually.
    …I’m going to draw a 3d fart and call it a multipurpose object. It’ll come in pink for girls and blue for boys. Anyone interested?

  • felix

    i like it! ok i would translate it into a different scale
    and make it a skaterpark…the felix