Posa by David Chipperfield



Architect David Chipperfield has designed a new seating collection for furniture brand B&B Italia.


The leather collection includes a dining chair, easy chair and sofa, and is on show this week at trade fair Orgatec in Cologne, Germany.


Here's some more information from B&B Italia:


POSA, design David Chipperfield

The seating range Posa derives its name from the Marquis von Posa, the idealist hero in the play Don Carlos by Friedich Schiller. Schiller was born in Marbach Am Neckar, Germany, where David Chipperfield recently designed the award winning Museum of Modern Literature, completed in 2006.

Chipperfield’s design work is often informed by a particular architectural experience and Posa is no exception. While this range was being developed with B&B Italia, Chipperfield was also designing an extension to the St. Louis Art Museum, USA, which required seating solutions for its restaurant, galleries and break-out areas. For this project Chipperfield was particularly concerned with finding versatile, robust seating which would meet rigorous usage requirements while conveying a sense of refined luxury. It is planned to finish the museum seating in leather. This line of research has been combined with another theme that Chipperfield was keen to explore; that of obtaining comfortable soft seating from thin upholstered sections applied to a light and dynamic structure, using advance industrial production techniques. Posa is presented in the following forms; dinning chair, easy chair and sofa. The range will be developed further with the addition and more variants in future.

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  • “it´s magic ladies and gentleman”… ah no, it says “Chipperfield” not “Copperfield” his own brand would be great ^^

  • Laura

    Super ugly!

  • zuy

    may be a too positive comment …

  • tom

    oh my god, we’re back in the 80’s

  • quik


  • pacharan

    If this is supposed to be somehow minimal i´m missing that the knitting line is not showing off neither hiding away. Another point is that of making an armchair as thin as a chair, appearantly an interesting point, but in the end resulting as a trap: sharpy edges armchair, not very useful. Please don´t crash yourself to the sharpen “stylized” edges.
    Worst of all is that you can not hold a rationalist discourse if not being functional. And Mr Chip forgot this here.
    By the way, if there´s a need of choosing among rational look or functional performance, you can imagine what every good designer´s choice would be.

  • jake

    Not to my taste. But the full aluminum foot on each side is nice.

  • Totally agree. Seam underneath should have been moved. Unsightly.
    Couch is a sucess… the chairs don’t get me going.

  • El Greco

    Super bad.

  • david

    i think i get the irony

  • zuy

    when new design = vintage

  • bip

    i think its really nice and interesting. it has a very fine line to it.