Cardboard office by Paul Coudamy



French artist Paul Coudamy has designed a cardboard office interior for an advertising agency in Paris, France.


He created furniture, twenty work stations, partitions, meeting rooms and storage using 4cm thick water-resistant honeycomb cardboard mounted with wood glue and tape.


Lighting in the space is made from umbrellas, which Coudamy claims "give a kind of magic."


Photographs by Benjamin Bocass.

The following information is from Paul Coudamy:


The challenge: to design an office space, in a 180 m² industrial room in the north of Paris for an advertising agency, in only one month for conception and production, with the most restricted budget.


The client needs 20 working posts separated in different spaces, a solution for small internal meetings with acoustic insulation, and storage.


Job has been done thanks to 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard, mounted with wood glue and tape, there is no additional structure.


1 Space is completly modular, all the partitions are mobile, a system of angles cuts afford both structure and customising solutions.


2 Storage mixes the raw estectic of honeycomb and the smooth cardboard partition.


3 Lighting breaks with the industrial atmosphere, umbrellas give a kind of magic.


4 Creation of a meeting box : «le confessional », for fast intern meeting hidden and isolated.


Paul Coudamy works on a wide range of projects and inventions.
From object design, interior architecture, experimental devices to artistic installations.

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  • zuy

    you think cardoard is green but with cardboard you have interior pollution

  • Wow. That looks really comfortable.

  • This would be a good office for a Gondry film.
    It needs better illumination though…

  • kingmu

    Throw-away Office. Why not?

  • Amazing, but is it really practical?

  • ldogge

    sort of cool idea…but the actual space looks dismal and drab…depressing…

  • mama

    Yeah, ergonomic for sure. Artists designing furniture and designers making art. How about reversing this silly trend? But hey, it’s advertising agency, they deserve sore bottoms and eyes.

  • B2om

    Throw-away is great idea!
    In fact, with this type of cardboard, you probably get to throw it away after one or two months.

  • pacharan

    I totally agree with lorbus. So Gondrian!
    Pretty interesting solution, somo more research on this field would be desireable.

  • nick*


  • zuy

    good bizz lesson : how to have media coverage with small budget

  • burn, baby burn !

  • One

    it is a pitty that working desks and the working chair is not made out of card board… hehe,… nice work. Pitty if there is one window in the photo the space might look a loooot better…

  • thule

    Are drawings on the walls allowed? :) It looks a bit depressing, maybe because of the cardboards colour. It should look happier…. happyhappyhappy!

  • Fred

    Hi there Dezeen,

    I admit my previous (deleted) comment regarding this post might have been a little too heavy for this site, but seriously, if Dezeen posts mindless student projects disguised as professional ones such as this one, it should allow criticism as well. Or else it is just a big hypocritical hug fest.

    Thank you

  • zuy

    add some carboard sofa there…..

  • monsieur!

    great office if you’re running a give away media set magazine supported by your parents

  • ElP

    Very Michel Gondry, non?

  • LOW

    “nick* Says:

    November 5th, 2008 at 11:40 am
    fire? ”


  • Le’Slie Luk

    I feel paper cut

  • Laurent

    Hahaha, I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or cry! My kid made a tree house out of fibre board, maybe I should try to get that one published too? And who took the pictures? Well, you’re sure to get a reaction with this kind of office, can’t deny that. I’m really pissed off, but I will remember it…

  • Davide

    it is cool indeed,
    more eye-catching than practical maybe, but it is well designed, i like it

    just a question:
    what does the fire brigade think about? do fire regulations allow this?

  • Bansri Kumath

    You may like it.

  • José A. Brouzzó Duncan


  • S.C

    It is the same cubical without the extruded metal frame. Ships and IKEA table are built with the same thing.

  • Richie

    I think the shelves, ‘sofa’ and table look quite cool aesthetically, but I’d be interested to know how long they actually last, whether they support weight etc.. It’s not ‘green’ if you have to replace it after 2 weeks.

  • Richie

    The umbrella lamps are kind of funky, though they’re going to have to empty the grit and dust out of them every few weeks.

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  • G-Unit

    Don’t worry guys, if there is a fire, the cardboard is ‘waterproof’
    LOL! I agree, very bad room for it.

  • dapo

    looks good,but whats the fire rating like?