Conesa 4560 by Adamo-Faiden



Young Argentinian architects Adamo-Faiden have completed a new residential building in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The building, called Conesa 4560, contains twelve apartments and is situated in the Saavedra district of the city.


"Every house tries to continue the tradition of the old houses of the neighbourhood by adding open spaces," say the architects. "A central patio organises the internal circulation and separates the building in two blocks. "


Photography by Sergio Pirrone.








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Posted on Tuesday November 11th 2008 at 1:39 am by Matylda Krzykowski. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • mr. me

    Great architecture from Vitruvius’ point of view: simple effective typology, great design and sensible finishing.

    Utilitas, Firmitas and Venustas equals Typology, Design and Taste. Everything else is blabla.

  • cyann

    nice design! love it, very well arranged for 12 units apartments: functional – esthetic.

  • One

    Nice and neat!

  • sc hu yl er

    Love the knoll with the tree! Nice stairwell detail as well.
    The backyards look a little claustrophobic though, no?

  • Yaya

    yeap, very nice indeed.
    ‘mr me.’ – i liked your comment re. the utilitas, etc… never heard it put that way

  • iamreply

    This is very well balanced. nice proportions. confident. well done guys.

  • K. Rimane

    c’est superbe!

  • Palscan

    All well and good till a child falls through the hand rail and bumps its head on those oh so hard looking stairs. not very utilitas if you ask me. I don’t work for the HSE but we should be responsible as well as creative, in fact good architecture is never a zero sum game, so there’s no such things as sacrificing creativity for responsible design, anyone who tells you that are talking rubbish and should quit the profession.

  • antonius

    This is a typical ‘design’ solution. No more no less. Very rectangular and very ‘modern’. So thats how we architects think. But…….didn’t we learn anything from f.e. Robert venturi? We are the experts! Maybe we should read Roberts Musil ‘man ohne eigenschaften’ and take our expertise not to serious. What about comfort, ambiguity? I think it is actually pretty boring.

  • Danny

    Architect makes no attempt to enliven or address the street at ground floor. i like the aesthtic but feel it needs alot more planting to take the edge off this high minimalism.