Smart Fortwo Toile H edition by Hermès



French fashion house Hermès have teamed up with car distributor Como to design the interior of ten Smart cars.


The ten cars have been produced in ten colours, upholstered using materials and techniques usually found in Hermès' travel accessories.


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The following is from Como/smart:


The Como/smart Paris group is celebrating its tenth birthday at the Grand Palais and presenting 10 smart specially upholstered by Hermès


On 6 November 2008, the Como group, official distributor of the Smart brand in Paris and Île-de-France, will be celebrating its tenth birthday and presenting 10 smart in ten different colours, clad and upholstered by Hermès.


The zingy and playful smart fortwo Toile H edition will be the smallest and most elegant of the compact city cars sold by Como/smart Paris.


The craftsmen in Hermès workshops have endowed the car’s interior with new upholstery, optimising the space for maximum comfort and practicality.


The gearlever and steering wheel have been cased in saddle-stitched leather, and numerous compartments have been made in Toile H with all the care lavished on true Hermès objects.


For this birthday, 10 colours are being proposed: Ebony, Gold, Charcoal, Orange, H Red, Bright Red, Fuchsia Pink, Indigo, Sky and Lime. Part of the coachwork, the tridion safety cell, is covered with the Toile H motif.


It was in 1998, with the creation of its first smart center at Trocadéro, Paris, that the Como group began its dramatic rise. A precursor, the visionary Oussama Kaddoura made the little city car a huge success in the French capital, where the smart has achieved one of its highest penetration rates in Europe.


Today, with annual sales of 4,000 vehicles, Como has become the leading smart distributor in France and in Europe. With smart and the Lexus hybrids range, Como offers a broad range of low-pollution cars suited to urban driving. The smart fortwo, 100% French-made, holds the record for the lowest CO2 emission (88g/km).


With the smart fortwo édition Toile H, Como is celebrating 10 successful years in the company of its faithful clients at the Grand Palais. This emblematic Parisian location which evokes the heritage of both culture and cars – it was the home of the Salon de l’Automobile from 1901 to 1961 – is now presenting smart original concept, "10 years, 10 colours".


Exclusive distributor : Como group/smart Paris

Price :
coupé 38,000 Euros
cabrio 39,500 Euros





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  • That´s really not bad I would say!!!

  • lana

    it’s all about detail…
    … beautiful

  • jpb

    Or how a so called economic product is becoming an elitist product by the magic touch of marketing…
    Beautiful for sure, but far far away from the initial purpose.
    Luxury ‘s becoming more and more arrogant and perverting.
    And…Oh sh…!!!

  • Chic details and colors..!

  • Parker


  • Chris

    Beautifuly crafted but estimating from Hermes typical price levels these inexpensive Smart cars normally priced at roughly $10,000 USD will probably be offered at $100,000. Perhaps they will be auctioned off for a worthy charity.

  • MLvS

    Definitely attractive, though a bit on the generic side. This looks as though anyone could have designed it, or something you might expect to see in the auto manufacturer’s own luxury line. I want a bit more from Hermès. Though, I am a big fan of the pockets behind the seats. The umbrella seems rather disproportionate with the size of the car – why not opt for a micro to go along with a theme?

  • Kathryn

    This will definitely attract more young people. It actually looks more spacious than I thought.

  • Mark

    The umbrella is a beautiful touch

  • tomalyla

    a great toy

  • Jonathan End

    wow, very detailed. elegantly beautiful.

  • Gorgeous!

  • eduardo

    thats just chic!
    what else can one say.

  • charlotte

    Don’t really like the car itself, but I LOVE the details

  • mama

    I fully agree with jpb. Rich people just cannot stop themselves hoarding unnecessary objects and the world cries – Hermes profits from greed.

  • Ben

    too many colours and materials …

  • Randall

    Delightful and quite amusing. Keeping in mind that hundreds of thousands of these autos have been sold at a reasonable cost, the criticisms of these very rare variants seem flimsy indeed.

  • Really unfortunate cos the price will beout o the reach of the masses!

  • Alejandro Mulder

    Lindísimo como todo diseño de Hermes.