Trapezoid watch by Naoto Fukasawa



Trapezoid, a watch designed for fashion brand Issey Miyake by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, has gone on sale.


The sloping bezel displays numbers that are stretched like road markings so that they appear normally when seen straight-on.


Retailers Biegel have provided the following text, written by Fukasawa:


Designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

As the name “TRAPEZOID” suggests, I first had the image of a trapezoid form in rotation. So, the bezel is cut steeply, and a tachymeter is provided on it. Numbers are proportioned like speed limits painted on a road surface - stretched in height to be readable normally when viewed from the front, despite their steep angles around the circumference.


It's a familiar scene and effect, and I've used it now in combination with chronograph functions. In the same way, fashion and motor sports are unified via the use of strong color contrasts; for example, yellow numbers against a red face, and yellowgreen against a blue face.


Posted on Tuesday November 25th 2008 at 7:10 pm by Matylda Krzykowski. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • K. Rimane

    luv ly

  • Xit

    Great graphic job, although in reality this watch is too thick for my liking, which makes me then wonder if its just to justify the ‘stretched numbers’ effect ?

  • kingmu

    I think these are really quite wonderful. But, who wears a watch anymore?

  • Emerson

    Nice colours – but rubber straps are a no-go. They don’t last.

  • cheap looking.

  • Bozo

    Very very nice

  • Great looking. Does anyone know how much the rubber strap colored ones go for? Thanks.

  • I got say it’s the work of ‘ shooting arrows in the right center of the tenth ring’.
    oh, it’s 200 yards away ~

  • eduardo

    Miyake is just wonderful!
    Simple and beautiful!
    What a pleasure!

  • Stanley.K

    I’m living in Hong Kong at the moment and I’ve seen this watch selling in shops since last year…. it’s not new at all. I’m sure some others have seen it on sale too. Strange….. I like it anyhow

  • somethings not quite right, miyake is definitely cooler than this. low on ‘desire’ value. also maybe all watch designers should get a typography class before setting out.

    nice colour contrasts though!


    I want them all! I would change you my wife with fourth one

  • dsgnr

    great graphics indeed

  • Dork

    Cosign @ StanleyK, this watch is already on the market, not new at al.
    Considered copping it a few months ago, but prefer the real-deal (IWC, Rolex, Jaques Droz, etc.).

  • Carliz

    Naoto Fukasawa is one of my favorite designers!!!!, but why!!!!??, why has copy the IKEPOD WATCHES!!!!!!!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……OHHHHH MY GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD……..:((((((((((((((((((((

  • señor iranzo

    in fact, it was released about two years ago along with the twelve (which is a far more interesting design IMO). however, there were some new colors released a couple months ago.

    @kingmu, real men wear watches.

    @harpreet, are you sure you know who are you talking about? naoto fukasawa typography expertise borders mastery. look at his seiko power design project 2007 collection for a taste.

  • tom

    i have always liked fukasawa but i think recently he’s dropping his standards, and there isn’t really anything i like about these to be honest. not as nice as his last watches for miyake which i didn’t particularly like either.

  • dj

    dezeen haters. these are ill watches period.

  • D Jones

    How much are they in english pounds?