Axis tray by Snack On



Bjorn Rust and Surya Graf of Australian design studio Snack On have designed a two-part tray for fruit.


The products are made from anodised aluminium and consist of a tray and grid, which can also be used separately.


The following information is from Snack On:


Axis Tray Series:

The Axis series is a unique set of nesting trays that combine a serving tray with a fruit dish. The simplicity of the overall forms combined with subtle details allows these pieces to sit comfortably in a variety of interior spaces.


The series of Axis trays are lightweight and very strong, with the trays also being able to be used as table trivets for the serving of hot food. Each tray measures approximately L500m x W200mm x H50mm, and are available in a variety of anodised colours that can be mixed and matched.


Using an industrial multi-axis laser cutting technique, the forms are produced from a standard aluminium extrusion. This production process helps to minimise wastage, with the aluminium materials also being 100% recyclable.


Snack On Information:

Snack On was founded by industrial designers Bjorn Rust and Surya Graf in August of 2008. This collaboration was formed as a platform to explore the use of new materials and processes and the reapplication of existing ones. The concept was initially set up as a means of showcasing the development of product design through the creation of short run prototypes that would then be available through the online store.


Both Rust and Graf work predominantly within urban design while also running their own studio practices. While thoroughly challenging, these large scale projects are often constrained by the palette of materials that are focused on longevity and robustness. Through the creation of Snack On it has allowed them both to apply their own personal aesthetics and design philosophy to smaller scale objects while also exploring alternate material solutions.


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  • Mowgli

    very retro looking…

  • Xit

    Nice object in itself, cool colors, very graphic, but not very complimentary to fruit.

  • peridotprince


  • step_out_of_a_triangle_and_into_striped_light

    just give me the tray and forget about the webbed part. that aesthetic has been done, done and done.

  • K. Rimane

    very cool. love the concept and colors. way to go.

  • Baxter

    When I think of things this world needs, lasercut fruit trays don’t come to mind.

  • OKP

    yes baxter i agree.. this definite won’t come to my mind..

    design for the only 1% procent this is :)

  • Bozo

    What will they come up with next

  • jarjarWaters

    love the approach!