Too Late watches



Italian company Too Late have launched a silicon wristband watch.


The waterproof watches come in two sizes and new colours are released every month.


Time and date functions are controlled with two buttons beneath the screen.




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  • Finally, a watch for my Cucumbers!

  • modular

    14 euros… I kinda dig!

  • they launched them a few months ago, i`ve bought one in Venice (september). kind of fun, you can even remplace the battery, as the rubber is quite flexible and you can get the watch mecanism out of its “shell”.

  • waka

    why not!!

  • my cucumber is happy and now, never late

  • step_out_of_a_triangle_and_into_striped_light

    i’ll take a grey one

  • Sandor

    I bought 2! Butt then I found out you can get them at Lucardi (in Holland) for only € 0,99. ( That means I could have had 34 of them in stead of two ..

  • modular

    Lucardi… is that site legitimate?

  • zd_di_zd

    I’ll buy it!

  • Jon

    Yippeee! More landfill.

  • Watch me

    These have been available as export OEM products from China for a long time. Add your own logo and order a couple of hundred for a fraction of the price! This is business not design.

  • Helmut

    The watch you found on lucardi it’s an orrible fake!

  • Emily

    I bought one in Venice a few weeks ago and all it does is annoy me. You can’t get the mechanism out to change the battery and if you bump it off anything it stops or reprogrammes itself. Very annoying but looks kinda good!

  • Luxury Larry

    I want one in every colour.

  • SoraSoraSora

    I remember i bought lots of its three years ago from sunday-market in Bangkok, 1.5 euros each …..

    Italian is TOO LATE !!!

  • i love it! i was waiting for something like that :)

  • Hakan

    These *have* to available somewhere much cheaper – back when WALL-E came out, a local theater was handing out hundreds of rubber watches from Disney just like these to everyone…

  • paula

    I bought it in Lima, Peru.
    I think it is really fun and happy. It doesn’t matter if you can find similar in China. I love mine!!!

  • rizka

    it’s very sweet…

  • kate

    there are now some funny face plates for these watches, called Popochos.
    they’re cool, it seems to be the latest trend in Italy