CCDH office by Moarqs



Buenos Aires-based architects Moarqs have designed an office building in Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


All dimensions of the three-storey building are derived from the proportions of the bricks used for the facade, in order to avoid cutting them.


The following is from Moarqs:


It is a small office building for rent, standing on the corner of Dardo Rocha and Tres Sargentos streets in Acassuso, a town in the Province of Buenos Aires.


The property ground is 26m x 14,45 m on the sides and 372m2 of surface, located within a suburban environment where low houses prevail.


The purpose of the building, lot performance, urban planning and construction codes define the building´s volumetry, a 7,70m x 18,80m x 8,50m prism, with the use of the whole property, including the basement for parking and engine room, recovered in the surface as garden cover.


The main decision was to locate the free ground plan on the corner, in order to take advantage of the lineal park and racetrack ample views, moving the vertical circulation core and the access to building to the back of the property on Tres Sargentos Street.


On the ground floor, part of the property is taken by the sidewalk to encourage access through the corner. We used a reinforced concrete structure with a 65 cm high perimeter beam and 25 cm high louvered slabs that solve gaps of about 7x 8mts.


The building envelope was made of brick, which was carefully applied according to its use in each parament. Therefore, brick works as a “bath curtain” in the centre, as a “parasol” in the staircase and as fence on the ground floor.


The entire project was thought based on brick measures in order to avoid their being cut. We paid special attention to joint measures between bricks and their depth. Horizontal joints are 1cm thick, while those of 2cm were taken as 2,5 cm in order to hide the support mortar.


Glass panes were protected with exterior roller shades made of black vinyl and polyester fabric punctured as a warbler, avoiding the loss of the view and crossed ventilation, and at the same time reducing the rise of temperature due to solar radiation.










Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Eugenio Ottolenghi
Project: CCDH Office
Location: Dardo Rocha  street nº 98, Acasusso, Buenos Aires Argentina
Project date: 2006
Construction date: 2007-2008
Plot area: 371 m2
Built area: 795 m2
Client: CCDH
Collaborators: Silvia Colombo, Juan Manuel Munari, María Sol Imaz.
Structure: Ing. Pablo Galotto
Construction: Project Management - Hector Marcon
Sanitary project: Eduardo Gamulín
Electrical project: Daniel Milito
Lighting Project: Veronica La Cruz
sun protection:: Laura Dardano
Constructive system: Reinforced concrete and  Brick.
Architecture photography: Daniela Mac Adden

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  • DB

    I /really/ love how they used brick to create all those facade textures. Never seen anything quite like it before. I have to wonder why brick, though. It would seem that that would have to be amazingly costly even though the building itself is rather small all things considered. Perhaps brick is much cheaper in South America than here :)

  • wartian

    a strong menifesto of timeless!
    good job!

  • Toc

    this is an old POST, whats going on, christmas time no news?

  • si me encanta el trabajo en el ladrillo

  • I really enjoy this. It’s like a multitude of clever details to do really unique things with conventional materials.

  • gaque

    Yes brick is a standard building material in most of south america, compared to europe for example, where it can be extremely costly.

    This building has some serious 1950s roots. I think its interesting, but there isn’t enough novelty here.

    The approach to the brick is related to Gramazio & Kohler’s robot-built brick walls…

    The interior lighting is banal, but the concrete grid is cool.

  • Carolina Casterella

    Digg the fact that now you are posting more plans. Thanks!
    -impossible to get a real sense of the building without it-

  • No entiendo que tiene de especial este edificio….

  • scruces

    This is much better than half that overly theoretical/conceptual unbuildable unless by otherwise unworldly budgets crap that shows up here from time to time…hooray for the built works that are featured that are designed for the average client

  • Roy

    Reminds me of later Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. Very retro and very nicely done.

  • Richard

    Amazing brickwork!!!