Pinxo by Ferran Lajara



Spanish designer Ferran Lajara has designed Pinxo, a wooden clothes peg with a hook on one side.


The title of the project is a combination of the  Catalan words Pinça and ganxo.


The product is produced by Barcelona-based DIY brand Servei Estació.


Here's some information about the designer:


Born in Barcelona in 1983. Ferran Lajara studied a BA Product Design at Eina, Escola de disseny i art, Barcelona, graduating in 2006.


After that, he moved to London, where he studied Furniture Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and a MA Product Design at Kingston University.


Ferran Lajara has collaborated with different studios in Barcelona (lagranja, design for companies and friends) and London (AB rogers design).

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  • MrBlueSky

    Cool! Any chance this is available from somewhere?

  • W

    nice- now watch as someone in china makes plastic versions

  • mikaël

    Looks like a fun and kind of useful embellishment to an office environment, but the hook better be made of plywood or else it will snap along the grain, leaving you with an overpriced clothe peg

  • nothingbutcode

    YES, i’ve always wanted to hang a shoe from my desk and a towel from my towel rack.

  • charles

    I’ve seen the plastic version in Japan years ago………

  • Tony_Miami

    They have had plastic ones available since the late 80’s.

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Me too nothingbutcode! The market for this is going to be huge!

  • xtiaan

    so is everyone at dezeen on holiday?
    the last few postings have been really bad
    usually theres always SOMETHING I like…

  • MIke

    This is not new – it’s called a drip-dry clothespin