The Traveller by Arne Quinze for Louis Vuitton



The Traveller, an installation by Belgian artist/designer Arne Quinze, opened in Munich, Germany last month.


The installation marked the opening of a new Louis Vuitton store within the Oberpollinger department store in the city.


Here's some text from Louis Vuitton:


Louis Vuitton pays tribute to famous artist Arne Quinze and collaborate with him to celebrate the opening of its new store at Oberpollinger


From 1874, twenty years after its creation, Louis Vuitton establishes close relationships with the contemporary art. The privileged links which the Louis Vuitton House maintains with the painting, the decorative arts and the design emanate from a desire always renewed by modernity and by creativity.


It became therefore very natural for Louis Vuitton to invite Arne Quinze to celebrate the opening of its new store at Oberpollinger and to collaborate with such a prolific artist, whose talent lies in his ability to fuse polar extremes – passion and chaos with controlled elegance. He masterfully creates immaculate, urbane and polished designs that are balanced with a certain contradicting tension, giving them a refined yet exuberant appearance. He realises his ideas with extraordinary verve and is able to apply them to projects of any scale, whether it be architecture, interior design or urban planning.


The “city lover” shows a genuine interest for outstanding architecture creation. He even dreams of creating his own city and no challenge is too great for Quinze. People can still visit his Cityscape, a giant sculpture, frantically built from nothing more than wooden slats and nails, which is breathing new life into the centre of Brussels elaborated in 2007.


On 12th November 2008, Arne Quinze created a fantastic sculpture, a 20m high and 12m wide wooden architectural construction called “The Traveller” displayed at the occasion of the opening of the new Louis Vuitton store in Munich, and until beginning of January 2009. Quinze invite us to a journey, an enigmatic travel through this masterpiece of which roads leads us to a world of emotion and inspiration. “Travelling means discovering new things, seeing new cultures, come across new aspects of life. I travel constantly and I consider it as enrichment for my evolution as a human being. Travelling equals to inspiration," declares Arne Quinze.


Quinze also revealed another new sculpture, 80 meter long and 15 meter high, in Brussels on 16 November 2008, and staying for 5 years. 'The Sequence' connects the Flemish Parliament with the House of Flemish Representatives, bridging the communication gap between people and generating movement in the city. The symbolic and physical connection between the neighbors, the Flemish Parliament and the House of Flemish Representatives, reflects a possible connection between all people in Brussels. Cross-culture connections, a connection with Europe, its diversity and entity.


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  • leopoldo

    great work

    arne u re the best:::::::::::::::::

  • xtiaan


    can somebody give this man a new idea?

  • amsam

    If they take the fences down and let people sit on the bases, I love it. If it’s a friendly interactive space for people to eat lunch, chat, and get some shade, it’s great. But if it’s simply a public sculpture to look at from behind a fence, it’s not interesting enough.

  • I think Arne Quinze is pushing it too much, he made a burnt down installation, a cityscape + it’s sequence, an interior lounge area house and now this? i think he should’ve stopped at his sequence.. not original anymore.. maybe for outsiders!

  • bald skull

    yeah seriously, WTF is w/ the fence. so lame. let the “common folk” engage w/ your design, then i’ll be impressed. /sigh

  • modular

    Well… this is the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen this from Arne Quinze. Not the Vuitton job… but the idea/concept.

    This guy should really think in something new, and not use the same old formulas. But hey… the cash is good!

  • chris

    I live in Munich, the fences are not there actually, people can walk under it and sit on the bases. I guess the pictures with fences were made during the final step of construction or just before the opening.

    As Arne Quinze is more an artist and not a designer, I don’t see a reason why everybody is shouting for new ideas/concepts. It’s abstract art. On top of that, most likely he’s asked to do the same thing each time. And why not.

    anyway I love it, especially by night this installation is amazing!

  • modular
  • tommy

    there are tons of pics of Traveller on Flickr

  • KW

    Made to be burned.

  • sarah

    Quinze is an artist. The art world is large and has many artists and I realize there is a lot of room to get unnoticed as an artist. The design world is smaller with few designers. There have been a lot of artists who get easy fame by calling there creations design. Design is artistic but it is not art. Why do artists have to repackage their creations and it be called design?
    Arne’s work is interesting in an art gallery or art show but calling Arne a designer and calling Eames a designer kind of diminishes true design.
    I thinks the catagory of functional art is a better fit.
    I don’t know if it really matters.

  • sebastian

    looks like a nice piece of public entertainment – whoever calls this (and related creators) art and/or design may be mistaken. and yes, we the design-junkies, have seen this many times and will continue to see it pooping out of designschools. the public has not. and it works as it entertains. bonne annee, arne!

  • Jenn

    Sarah, I totally agree with you.

  • christophe

    loving it
    very calming piece in is chaotic desing
    can’t wait to see more

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