Anything by Michael Sodeau and Suikosha



UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha have produced a stationery range called Anything.

Manufactured in black, white, orange and yellow, the stationery range includes scissors, a stapler, tape dispenser, geometry equipment, alarm clock and set of erasers.


The collection was exhibited at Design Tide in Tokyo last November.


The following information is from Suikosha:


ANYTHING is a collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha.


Together they have produced their first collection of products, which sees its international debut in London.


Two years in development, and the first phase of an ongoing project shows the collaborators' vision of practical and functional stationery design.


Further additions are planned for the stationery collection after which they plan to specialise in... ANYTHING.




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  • modular

    That white tape dispenser is cool.

  • WM

    i saw this series in september at 100% design.

  • zuy

    any designer can do that….the totem to scissors is good

  • SouL


  • reply to Zuy:
    Why didn’t you do it then?
    Simple stuff are sometimes just what we need.

  • step_out_of_a_triangle_and_into_striped_light

    very nice.

  • modular

    “any designer can do that….the totem to scissors is good” …

    Priceless quote. Any designer can do anything. I could have designed Starck’s juice squeezer. You could have designed Front’s horse lamp. Marcus could have designed the Macbook. But none of us did that. Why?

    Easy. Because we didn’t. This quote is just stupid :)

    • andie

      Just because we could not accomplish (design) something physically, it does not mean we surrender the right and responsibility to critically comment on the design. For example, a fashion magazine editor does not design or sew any of those garments, but he or she has the right to critique the design in terms of silhouette, fabrication, details and etc. So in your words, no body should judge whether the Mac computer is good or not because we all failed to make it? Then what is a good design?

  • Xit

    I like this range in general because its useful, very Lexon, I agree with Zuy the scissors are fun.

    I’m not keen on the clock, there something reminscent of bad London 90’s product design about it.

    Also I’m not sure if it holds together as a ‘range’ in terms of style, but maybe it wasn’t the intention ?.

  • Wow!
    This alarm clock is one of best I’ve ever seen.

  • k

    to zuy
    i really want to see some of your things
    please let me and everybody you annoy know …
    its time!

  • Luxury Larry

    Back to basic? I like it.

  • J

    @zuy: give me a break.

  • peridotprince

    Damn triangle would still be hell to pick up/move/put down when drawing/drafting.

  • zuy

    The scissorsare catching eyes because it stand up like a Starck product
    No Modular you could’nt have designed Starck’s juice squeezer…. nobody could do that , fight against 3 top french architectes and the Alessi team except Alberto Alessi…

    Xit is right some product are very Lexon as designed by french Berthet and Massaud

  • i like it


  • modular

    zuy… I will design a shovel for you, in order to dig a hole to find your IQ.

  • Henry

    I think the scissors are by far the strongest. The clock’s shape puzzles me.

    zuy, do you have a job?

  • miguel ángel iranzo sánchez

    simply brilliant.

  • Billy

    This generation of designers ie Sodeau, Young etc I find it hard to tell their work apart.

  • al

    what is the extruded asterisk about

  • AZM

    A good effort overall.
    Some items are mundane,so is the argument with the poeple here!
    My favorite the Clock!!

  • xtiaan

    nevermind “does zuy have a job?”

    does he even have a life?

    so the 80’s are back to haunt us designwise as well huh? yay

  • To AL:
    The extruded asterisk is a rubber. Its shape allows you to always have a nice corner of rubber to erase.

  • Cam

    How hilarious. Zuy is either really ignorant… or insane.

    “No Modular you could’nt have designed Starck’s juice squeezer…. nobody could do that”
    …well actually, Starck did design it, and I assure you he IS somebody.

    I would also love to see some of your design work Zuy. Come on… link us!!!

  • Brian


  • Joaquin

    It turns out Zuy is actually Starck in real world.

  • two years of development!?!? very pretty though