Chaise Longue by Arthur Rottier



Designer Arthur Rottier of Netherlands-based furniture company PCS will present a chaise longue called AR1 at the IMM Cologne furniture fair this month.


The furniture is made from EPS and polyether foam, with a solid coating on the white base and leather-like coating on the coloured cushions.


IMM Cologne takes place 19-25 January.


Here's some text from Rottier:


[ AR1 ] is a fresh translation of the classic chaise longue. Base for the design were ergonomic measurements and contemporary manufacturing techniques.

The body position allows active participation in conversation, but would not block a little nap either. The extreme durability of the materials allows for heavy duty in- and outdoor use, domestic as well as professional.

[ AR1 ] comes in five colors contrasting the white base; but color wishes can be fullfilled. Kid's version available.

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  • Why do I get the feeling that more thought and effort was given to the rendered Sports Illustrated magazine lying next to the chair?

  • bob

    it reminds me Lecorbusier LC4 lounge chair. From what i remenber the problem is that your arms always fall down from the chair during the nap…and it wakes you up !

  • Looks comfy.

  • peter falk

    i love it, never seeen a better place to lie on

  • one

    Well Michael I must admit that the Coffee cup is not the one that I expect to see next to this object.

  • HH

    Is it really comfortable to lie down in a chaiselounge whose back is bent like this one? I have to try it first

  • simonsez

    the sports magazine is there for the scale I think.
    otherwise it could be everything. for example it could be an instrument for making scoops of ice cream.
    or a thing to scratch your back,… have you some other ideas?

    i wonder why they choose a sports magazine. not a toy magazine or some toys.
    for me it looks more like children chaise longue like an adult. but i like it.
    only some rash thoughts of me, I didn’t want to insult the designers.

  • Emerson

    Looks like a toothbrush. Or part of a robot. Seems quite an arbitrary kind of shape.

  • dA

    The nested (fabric) chaise on chaise does it for me… not quite sure about the leg padding though?

  • slater

    Interesting, perhaps the colored cushions could be removed and used as other peices on the floor while the base is used independently…some reshaping may need to be done but that might be an innovative way to get multiple pieces for the price of one.

    I think arms would make it more functional, but would certainly disrupt the strong form. I’d sacrafice a little comfort for beauty too.

  • dipu@form.3architects

    i cant imagine more then ten minutes…….