B.institut beauty parlour by Trust in Design



Young, Paris-based designers Trust in Design have completed the interior of a beauty parlour called B.institut in Vannes, France.


They furnished the interior with beech units and coated the floor in green resin.  Computer-cut stickers decorate the walls.


"We created a welcoming place while keeping the identity of the brand, with an organic design for the furniture and the lighting," say the designers.


Here's some more information from Trust in Design:


We are pleased to send you in attachment some photos of one of our last project, a beauty parlour in Vannes, on the french west coast.
Trust in Design is a young multi-disciplinary studio based in Paris.


Project : b.institut beauty parlour
Location : Vannes (France)
Date : 11.01.2008
Size : S: 100 m²
Materials : beech, resinfloor, computer-cut stickers
Budget : 100 000 euros
Client : b.institut
Team : Trust in Design: Joran Briand, Etienne Vallet, Arthur de Chatelperron
Collaborators : Serazin agencement
Description : b. institut is a biological beauty parlour.




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  • Does anyone know producer of these chairs?

  • It’s the Miura stool for Plank on http://www.konstantin-grcic.com/. Don’t like the interior, sorry – but love the stool!

  • michlsepp


    designed by Konstantin Grcic: http://www.konstantin-grcic.com
    producer: Magis: http://www.magisdesign.com

  • Nick

    @Michael ^Chair one by Magis^

  • @ Michal:
    Chairs by Konstantin Grcic: stool_one.
    Produced by Magis.

  • spielberg

    Konstantin Grcic

  • NemanjaV*

    konstantin grcic is one of my favourite designers…
    his chairs are amazing!

  • Berliner

    just bought a pair of the chair one series for my office. Don’t need them but couldn’t resist. He is the best

  • Less Please.

    Rug wonderful- ooze/ drip. Chairs, amazing hand-like creatures.
    The negative space found in the cabinet space would be great as a positive space on the ceiling where there is now what looks like a digital branch. Digital on the wall- erase.

  • angele

    i like the idea organic design for furniture and lighting but i don’t like the decoration of the wall…maybe can be more colorful…however the furniture has attract me

  • zuy

    i like the gric chairs too, the bench looks like a belgian bram boo furniture….the shelves looks like german Ding 3000 shelves…

  • gaque

    that lady in the photos needs to slow down, she moves so fast!

    the lamp is pretty cool, but otherwise there is too much going on (including the speedy lady).

  • dan

    stool is by PLANK, another amazing Italian outfit ,
    if you like the stool you should check out the MYTO chair, as amazingly classic as the stool , and in the MOMA gallery NY,
    these boys (and girls?) are you going to be BIG…it fits the interior, but its all a bit SNES

  • abc

    trust in dezeen ?

  • Good post, nice and clear, thanks. Are you going to do an update on this post? I will subscribe to this blog!

  • beautiful resin floor design !