Family by Kaman Tung



Young designer Kaman Tung has created a set of cafe furniture with compartments to hold personal belongings.


The collection includes three chairs and a table. One chair has a compartment for belongings behind the seat, another incorporates space for a laptop or briefcase in the arm and the third has a hook for keeping a coat and accessories our of the way and off the floor.


The table has a shelf below the glass surface for items that users remove from their pockets in order to sit more comfortably.


Here's some more information from the designer:



These series of chairs are designed for outdoor café or restaurants and public spaces. The idea came from the habit and needs people have when they are outside. For example, in restaurants and bars, we always put our coat and bags on the back of the chair, and we always have to worry that someone might steal our belongings. And sometimes, we have bags that are too precious to put them on the dirty floor. That is the reason why I try to make public furniture that response to these needs.


I am focusing on chairs/seating, as I found that the most frequent used public furnitures are seats for people waiting or resting or doing something on it (like searching things in our big bags, writing, having a quick lunch etc..) . So these is a series of some simple chairs that discreetly merge our little needs in public space.


The members of this family include the Case Chair, the Backpack Chair, the HangerChair and the Table.

BackPack Chair
This Chair is for people who carryhandbags, and those who has the habit of putting their bags/belongings on their back. In the outdoor cafe terrace, when I have a handbag, I used to put it behind my back so that I can feel the presence of the bag, that I will notice if someone is taking it, but it is not comfortable to sit on something. And the option of hanging it on the chair is not safe, as anyone could steal the bag from behind. Thus, this chair aims to provide a safe zone for stocking our belongings.


The Chair is for people who carries a suitcase or a laptop with them. The side compartment permits the laptop or valuable object to be placed in a safe place and reducing the risk of the user forgetting the object when they leave.


This Chair is for people with the need of hanging their long coat, scarf, hats. People used to put their coat on the back of the seat, but the items always fall off the chair at some point, and the winter coat are always too long and touches the floor very often. The scarf is an easy item to forget, at least for me, I used to forget the scarf under my coat in general (as the scarf is usually what you take off before your coat). While as the hat and gloves never have a place to be store. They always end up falling on the floor or put on the dirty table.

The Table is for people who are used to lay out their wallets, money, cigarettes etc. on the table. Some people do not bring bags and they used to take their belongings out from their pockets as it is not comfortable to sit with. The compartment of the table permits people to have their objects united and visible, so that they don’t have to worry about thieves or forgetting them behind.

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  • dora

    i love it really!

  • rachel guo

    i want a chair like that….

    they are so useful….

  • jennie

    and i thought everything has already been said and done!

  • tommi

    Well approach and do need further improvement ~As a set of cafe furniture, it does looks like “family”. But they intend to solve our everyday problem, how come they dont look like d’ everyday-used furniture to me. ~ 2/5 stars, coz I would only buy d’ table i guess. It would be more USEFUL now to get some feedback in real life i.e. how many people actually is willing to buy or use it?!

    p.s. i dont see d’ point having a hanging ‘branch’ when i can perfectly put my coat ond back of a chair.

  • modular

    This is great stuff. Dezeen is increasing the quality of the posts in the beginning of this new year. That is great!

  • charlotte

    I really like the concept, great idea, very useful!
    I always have the – I don’t want to put my beautiful purse on the floor- problem, so this is really convenient.
    however, I think the chairs need a little adjustment in form, so they become more comfortable (they look rather hard to sit on). And the hole in the backpack chair looks a bit small, but maybe that’s just the picture?

    But this is really great work! can’t wait to have that secure feeling

  • The table so practical and keeps things less cluttered I love it. also the glass top will help not to forget things. The chairs seem like the middle school chairs with storage bins underneath.

  • bip

    the branch chair reminds me of a chair design called “falb” by an austrian office called bkm. same idea, different shaping.
    see here

    their page:

  • The whole idea of this is amazing.
    Why didnt i think of this!

  • paul

    we have always problem with stuff on chairs in my family, i need it!

  • joanna
  • Joe

    Like it, but it feels a bit over done. This one seems a bit more realistic:


  • Jen

    Wouldn’t the weight of the backpack make the chair fall when you stand up? That’s infuriating…

  • zuy

    cafe furniture with compartments to hold personal belongings is a great challenge in design ….This new designer found a very coherent family …. Only the hanger chair does’t work with heavy clothes and it’s not a new ( concept At least 3 others projects by young designers )
    2009-01-08 11:11:30

  • zuy

    cafe furniture ? stackable? light? ourdoor?

  • JMG

    That is amazing! How functional and neat!

  • Me

    To Tommi

    p.s. i dont see d’ point having a hanging ‘branch’ when i can perfectly put my coat ond back of a chair.

    –i agree, i dont see d’point having a chair when i can perfectly sit on anything

  • morgan geist

    I feel like dezeen is reducing the number of critical comments. I have been not published on many occasions, due to a critical eye…

    Anybody feel the same?

    One-sided happy comments and “wow, why didnt I think of that” is does not create a forum, but a whole lot of pattying each other on the back.

    I wonder if this comment will be published???


    morgan G

  • This is really sucessful.
    It looks good.
    And it’s practical.
    Lots of people don’t have a permenant space for a laptop, prefering to use it on their laps. But having it lying around is an accident waiting to happen!
    I could imagine using this furniture even in a huge space.
    I’m less keen on the table, although it might be nice to leave ornamental items under the glass, like postcards and other bits and pieces.

  • Elsy

    I always wondered where to hang my bag or jacket when having a cup of coffee or a dinner. A so simple need and no answers ’til now. Great idea!!!

  • Maxence

    Look at the chairs, it’s not ergonomic. I don’t see any project, i just see ideas on furniture, but it’s the first step in a project, you have to work so hard after to make a good chair.
    I want to hit this kaman tung himself.

  • charlotte

    to Jen:

    “Wouldn’t the weight of the backpack make the chair fall when you stand up? That’s infuriating…”

    I think it might already be out of balance, even without a bag in it : the chair is always standing next to (and looks like it is leaning on) the wall on the pictures..

  • mikaël

    Hey morgan,
    You are not alone… I have found myself to tame down my comments to a point where they are almost mind numbing. Here how it usually goes: I read a post, then the goody two shoes comments that follow, then post a comment of my own, witch I find critical and witty without being simply judgmental and wait for it to be censured. I then go at it two more times before I send an email to the editor, witch goes unreplied, and post a comment that is little more than “me likee’, that finally gets published.
    hope you get more luck

  • Re morgan geist and mikaël: this is one we can’t win. We used to be reluctant to edit out any comment, no matter how negative or critical, but many readers got fed up with this and, more importantly, designers whose work got panned by anonymous critics understandably got upset and stopped sending us their work.

    So now we use our discretion and filter out many of the comments that we feel are rude, spiteful, counterproductive or generally opposed to spirit of the welcoming and accessible site we are trying to run.

    Some people feel this amounts to censorship but we hope it will encourage people to find ways to make their points without upsetting others. The last thing we want to do is stifle debate but a lot of what has previously passed for debate on our pages has actually been more like bullying.

    See our earlier debate about negative comments on Dezeen:

    Finally, sorry if we haven’t responded to your emails but there are only three of us here and we are simply overwhelmed with the amount of mail we get!

    Let’s all be nicer in 09

    Marcus, dezeen

  • morgan geist

    Dear Marcus,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I do understand that anonymous criticism can be almost aimless, unless it is intelligent and touches on a point that is universal or strongly reinforced within the comment. This is uncommon, and a bit of a problem.

    So I do understand your stance. However, I feel this editing/censoring should go both ways. I imagine you are aiming to not only maintain a level of quality but to develop it with time… so when I say that the censoring should go both ways, I mean a case of positive editing/censoring would condense the quality of the comments and could create a platform or possibility for any debates.
    maybe cut 1 out of 10 “woooo! love it love IT LOVE IT!” comments.

    Let’s all be more positive in 09


  • Fair point Morgan. We’re trying our best to strike a balance. Believe it or not we do actually filter out many of the “Love it!” comments as well… the odd one or two is harmless though and if I were the designer I’d appreciate a bit of unqualified praise now and then!

  • Less Please.

    So I have eyed the merchandise and the posted links that attempt to disqualify these works as “new ideas”. There have been chairs in foyers with coat racks and chairs with storage forever, who cares, let it be a flexible template. These are quaint and aesthetically marketable to any of your favorite coffee shops. Great job!

  • zuy

    It’s the first family of 3 chairs with 2 with compartments to hold personal belongings and one with hanger…but i think an other solution : the under seat solution is better because the chair is still stackable but not there

  • szpakowski

    I like the idea of the family…let me see, the table is the mother, giving a focus to the group and bringing them together, there is the father, with a long coat he needs to hang up, the daughter who is never without her laptop, and the son with his backpack full of sketchbooks and pencils. Now the family needs a pet to sit under the table.
    Very nice project with a good conceptual and critical foundation. Thanks for sharing it.

  • tracy

    Well done! it’s so usefull. Form compliment function! The only matter is the bulkiness.

  • tracy

    I totally agree with charlotte above.

  • This is only a suggestion, but schools have a REAL problem with book holders (a cloth hanger on the back of typical classroom chairs) on the back of their chairs, not being either strong enough, or big enough for childrens books, or other daily items. Have you considered marketing to schools these amazing chairs? I know its far from your design target market, however, I could see schools ordering these. Teachers and kids would love them!

  • Hey, good work :)

    I think that the concept is fine, maby not unheard of, but a nice collection of sullutions to the café and personal stuff situation.

    For the chairs I have to say that I think that the work looks halfway finnished really. They are funky for shure but probably not verry attractive for café owners. Ergonomics aside (that takes some further work) the storages will probably need to be cleaned from breadcrums, spilled soda and paper (people will use it as trashbins eventually) at the end of every day.

    Im a fan of the table. The balance in the legs you have designed gives it a really neat position. I whould like one for myself if the glasssurface was a bit bigger I think. Personally I think that the way the diameter of the glass and the shelf underneth is the same makes it look a bit chubby, also spilled soda/coffe will be less likely to pour straight onto the stuff you put under it).
    But I am a fan nomatter what!

    Nice work Kaman.

    /Rikard Zetterlund