Jan Kaplicky 1937-2009



Czech-born architect Jan Kaplicky of Future Systems died in Prague yesterday, aged 71. See news reports for more info. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/chocobaby2000 Keiichiban

    How sad to hear, he did some fantastic work, and gave me one of the most interesting lectures I’ve been to. Rest in peace.

  • one

    R.I.P. Jan Kaplicky.

    Is the story true that Jan could not tell anything in public about his work he did for NASA? True futurist.

  • Brian




  • dan

    future systems is dead

  • pop

    what a terrible loss… RIP jan.

    Great men don’t last forever.. but your influence is eternal.

    We will seek to build the national library in your memory.

  • http://millerighe.blogspot.com/ millerighe

    I’m sad,
    goodbye Jan

  • mariana tweedie

    Jan K aplicky was one of the most talented, energetic , forward thinking and inspiring architect I ever known.
    I admired his stamina and determination to create designs which are timeless because they project so perfectly in the future.
    I followed all his work, his lectures and my last encounter with him was at visiting one of the past pavilions of the Serpentine, when I dared to address him wishing he should do a pavilion for us one day.
    He just smiled and looked with his blue eyes towards the wast green space surrounding us…

  • mariana tweedie

    a great loss but I hope his legacy remains in all of us

  • kjuwong

    jan kaplicky was the avant-garde of the avant-garde, the rare breed of architect who offers technological advance as the answer to the future of architecture, the seamless integration of aesthetics and technology is unprecedented and unsurpassable. we will all miss him dearly.

  • Luca Biselli

    Dear Jan,

    Wherever you are, we will never forget you.


  • Franco

    Architecture loses a great architect.

  • http://www.elastik.net Igor Kebel

    His no-nonsense mind instilled lessons and a remarkable legacy.

  • http://flickr.com/girafet giraffet

    Great architect.

  • modular


  • Jan

    I´m very sad. I must say just… Thank you Jan Kaplický, thank you mr. Architect

  • armin

    I admire his studio creations – these are real future systems. Studying on being as good as he was – and works are. One of the best and most advanced design minds. Will miss him.

  • mama

    Great man & sincere condolences. Let’s just hope they won’t build that ghastly bubble gum library now – it would be a stain on his legacy.