The Right Kind of Wrong by Anthony Burrill and Michael Marriott



Designers Anthony Burrill and Michael Marriott are exhibiting a graphic installation called The Right Kind of Wrong, in the foyer of Mother advertising agency in London.


The installation features a mobile wooden tower, finished with symbols and slogans designed by Anthony Burrill and laser-cut into veneered boards.


The Right Kind of Wrong will remain in place until 6 February.


Wall-mounted artwork can be purchased through Siobhan Squire.


The following is from Anthony Burrill and Michael Marriott:


The Right Kind of Wrong

Anthony Burrill and Michael Marriott

The Right Kind of Wrong consists primarily of a structure, which is a kind of a vehicle to show off Anthony's artwork in a three dimensional fashion.


it proved important to incorporate the artwork within the structure rather than simply applying it to something, hence the idea of laser cutting Anthony's drawings in different veneered boards, which form a structural skin for the framework.


The nature of the space also determined that it should be quite a tall thing and definitely free standing.


The outcome is a vehicle that is in equal parts: chalet, hoarding, boat, meeting room, hot rod, shack, café seating, cabin, billboard, chariot, oasis, trojan horse, look out tower, home and away.





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  • buhawi

    self expression.

  • Jordan

    very Wieden + Kennedy…

  • Joe

    This is art, not design. If it has no function other than to look at, it’s art.

  • looks very nice, but i agree the only design is the lettering in boxes :)

    you can see similar at here :