Design Miami Chat Shows: Ross Lovegrove



Our final Design Miami Chat Show filmed in Miami last month features British designer Ross Lovegrove.

Filmed at Design Miami in front of a live audience, Lovegrove talks about the five images (which all happen to be of his own work) he selected in response to the Design Miami Chat Shows brief: My Design Life in Five Images.

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Design Miami Chat Shows are supported by Fendi.

Here's a biography of Lovegrove:


Ross Lovegrove

Ross was born in 1958 in Cardiff, Wales and graduated from Manchester Polytechnic in 1980. He received his MA from the Royal College of Art in 1983. In his early career, Ross designed for Frogdesign in West Germany, working on projects such as Sony Walkman and Apple Computers.

Later he moved to Paris to consult for Knoll International and, around the same time, he was invited to join the legendary Atelier de Nîmes along with Jean Nouvel and Phillipe Stark. Returning to London in 1986, Ross has completed projects for Airbus Industries, Kartell, Ceccotti, Cappellini, Idée, Moroso, Luceplan, Driade, Peugeot, Issey Miyake, Vitra, Motorola, LVMH, Tag Heuer, Hackman, Alias, Herman Miller, Japan Airlines and Toyo Ito Architects.

Winner of numerous international awards, his work has been extensively exhibited throughout the world at venues including MoMA (New York), Guggenheim Museum (New York), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Design Museum (London). Ross Lovegrove will be doing a project for Swarovski at this year’s Design Miami/.

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  • modular

    HOLY CANOLY! That guy sure is red! :D :D :D

  • freddie

    Man he grinds my gears!……cocky as always

  • Scott

    hah, i love ross lovegrove. he sounds cocky, yes but it seems like he just loves to make stuff and talk about what he makes. he isnt one of those designers who talks about the nobility of design or the profession and doesn’t try to trick you or himself with weird words, concepts and meanings that you can’t understand because they don’t exist. He just plays with things and straight up tells you that the things he makes are just intuition or experimentation, not right or wrong or better or worse.

  • modular

    Hey Marcus! You look red as well :D :D :D

  • curious_about_design

    awesome interview, I like him already

  • jet

    Ross Lovegrove is on a level we mortals cannot understand!

  • eyes

    Good speech, i never feel this messages when i see his work, I think he could be talking about anything, “inside of

  • eyes

    Good speech, he could be talking about anything.

    Poor guy, born gifted, then sadly stumbled into design and ever since has been talking alot to justify his beautiful shapes :)

  • I love Love… Grove

  • kingmu

    Okay, yeah… he’s cocky. He’s pretentious. He’s obnoxious. He has an ego that’s immeasurable. But, golly… you still have to give it to him. He makes cool stuff. Yet, having said all of that… it would be SO lovely if he were self-effacing and more generous with his accomplishments. Honestly, I don’t know where he leaves me feeling. He’s a superior bore… but he creates some rather wonderful ‘things.’ He’s someone who should just produce and NEVER speak or appear in public.

  • Dev

    Is Ross auditioning for the new Hell Boy movie. I’ve never seen someone so red outside of Liverpool.

  • Love that line:

    “I teach them things they can’t do” and imagine the aerospace techinicians watching the video.

    Check out Mickey Mouse glazing over in the background.

  • Sam

    Is he serious? i never realised just how crazy mr lover lover is. He really needs to get over his trousers and stop flying to venice to buy his sketch books, use the internet to buy one mr scientist!

  • “I am a sculptor of the abstract forces of technology”


  • Let’s face it, you’re always going to sound a bit pompous when you’re describing the creative process. And hang on! I’d rather travel to Venice on the offchance I might find the perfect sketchbook on the shelf than order it on the internet. Adventure, chance, experience is everything

  • Brian

    He rocks, dont care if he is cocky.
    I cant wait to see his next interview.
    I ran into him in MIlan several years back, very nice person
    actually, would not mind his rantings if I worked for him!
    As a designer he is quite self effacing, as he gives almost all credit to Colani
    for his process.

    Check out his Ted talks presentation- it’s a doozy!


    • Olof

      Is that the one where he compares self to Michelangelo based on sketch of water bottle?