Power Plant by Geneto



Architects Koji Yamanaka, Yuji Yamanaka and Asako Yamashita of Geneto have created an installation called Power Plant at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.


The red, lightening bolt-shaped panels are made of 24 larch plywood pieces, screwed together and arranged around the store.


The installation will remain in place until 2 August 2009.


Photographs by Masato Kawano (Nacase & Partners Inc).

Here's some more information from Yuji Yamanaka of Geneto:


We recognized this space as a transmission base or power-generating place; a power station, filled with energetic atmosphere and conveying a message to the world. This "power station" delivers DIESEL's cool message worldwide.


Composed of twenty-eight pinkish-red, wooden panels in zigzag lines, the installation dynamically changes the visitors’ views and controls the path through the space to make visitors experience the shop environment.


As the panels are made of two plywood boards and are so heavy, we designed the zigzags as freestanding structures. Small screws on the panels are important aesthetically and practically.


Rough wood surfaces look cool and are richly suggestive of DIESEL brand images.

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  • SillyBug

    I think this is causing way too much interruption in the space and the perception of the products. Too much effort and building for very little gain.

    A night club might be a better setting for such work.

  • Roy

    Yikes. I guess they don’t worry too much about liability issues there.

  • walter gropius

    (my heartrate chart when I see that leather tote that I MUST have)

  • I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff