Spaza-De-Move-On by Doung Anwar Jahangeer



Design Indaba 09: architect Doung Anwar Jahangeer won the South award for his mobile, fold-away shop at the Design Indaba conference and expo in Cape Town last week.


Called Spaza-De-Move-On, the product is intended to give dignity and convenience to street hawkers.


It incorporates a seat, trolley handle, wheels and fold-out display table.


Design Indaba took place 25 February -1 March.

Here's some more information from Design Indaba:


The desire to design and share a better future, and empower through technology, reigns supreme in the winning entries of the SOUTH and Most Beautiful Object in South Africa awards.

The R100 000 SOUTH award winner is: Architect Doung Anwar Jahangeer for his Spaza-De-Move-On, a fold-up shop on wheels, conceived to give street hawkers convenience and dignity.

Also sponsored by the SABC, two runners up each received R50 000 and R25 000 respectively. Coming in second was the Cell C Eco Diary by Mariana O’Kelly (creative director), Channel Cartel (designer), Joanne van der Linde (art director), Peet Engelbrecht (copywriter) and Johnny Kotze (illustrator). And third was the Cape Argus “Aids Stats” campaign by Alistair King (executive creative director), Karin Barry and Paige Nick (creative directors), Rachel Brown (art director), and Jabulani Sigege (copywriter).

The three winners of the inaugural SOUTH award were announced on Sunday 1 March in the fashion arena at the Design Indaba Expo. Competition was stiff, with 33 SOUTH award finalists chosen from 163 entries from across the country. This shortlist was compiled by adjudicators Mike Schalit, creative director of Network BBDO; product designer Tsai, known for his multi-award winning Nested Bunkbeds; and Brian Mtongana, known for his “Googlethu” T-shirt and work on the Design Indaba magazine.

However, the final decision was handed over to three external judges: Katsutoshi Ishibashi, editor-in-chief of Axis design magazine in Japan; Keith Helfet, South Africa-born automobile and industrial designer; and Robert Thiemann, co-founder and editor of FRAME and MARK magazines in The Netherlands.

The brainchild of Design Indaba, the SOUTH exhibition, award and documentary is a celebration of the organic emergence of a new creative ethos in South Africa. In recognition of this exciting development, Design Indaba, together with Creative Circle and the Loerie Awards, established the Creative Alliance and founded SOUTH, sponsored by the SABC. The award was open to creatives across all industries.

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  • srk

    Very cool concept and also a perfectly, well done realisation.
    Clever and simple and therefore beautiful. That is what is required.

  • YU

    WA~~~love it!

  • smart..

  • Erik Medeiros

    Being from Brazil where one can find thousands of people working and living under similar conditions, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see someone thinking their reality and proposing alterantives to provide a more decent working place for street vendors.

    I would like to see it being folded and unfolded though ;)

  • G

    Metal + South African heat wave = ?

  • I love the name, especially since it looks like a wheelchair!

  • Wow..What a fantastic, useful thing. Nice to see something for people, rather than the super-uber-rich.
    Great idea put into good use!

  • BH

    Love it, but just a thought! Does the table/foot stand/vertical support fold up to fit under the seat? I only mention this because the form of the unfolded table section is the same shape as the seat and back rest – so it could be simply hinged from the bottom to cover the seat with a new surface. Saves all the folding – unless of course this is what it does anyway in which case I’ll shut up! Anyone know?

  • very clever

  • nomad

    it pains me to see that Crocs have made it out of this country and into africa.

  • making the best out of both worlds, very clever

  • W

    better than most of the on here

  • Michael

    good job! I like this. I want more of this stuff. more!

  • Maxence

    Very Great. I hope to work all day long on this steel straight chair in the street.
    It ‘s sad to see those reactions.

  • Maxence

    And look at the shoes, it’s a capitalism joke ?

  • Polly5

    Where can I get the COntact information of this Architect? Somebody please?

    Thank you!

  • Dagmar