Kitchen products by Morph



London designers Morph have designed three new products for British kitchen equipment manufacturers Joseph Joseph, including a polypropylene salad bowl and servers (above).


The lid of their design for a storage jar can be used to measure out the ingredients it contains, while the magnetic measuring spoons include markings for half-spoons.


The text below is from Morph:


Salad Bowl & Servers

This large salad bowl and server set is perfect for family dinners and outdoor use. It’s also great for pasta or fruit salad, and makes the ideal fruit bowl. The distinctive form of both the bowl and servers make this product the perfect centre piece for all dining occasions. Made from durable, easy to clean polypropylene.


Magnetic  Measuring Spoon

This useful and easily stored measuring spoon is a kitchen essential, incorporating both a teaspoon measure at one end, and tablespoon at the other, each of which has a half measure marking. Two magnets within the handle make it easy to attach to a fridge or any other magnetic surface, so it’s always within reach. Also makes an ideal memo holder.


“View” Measure Storage

The contemporary kitchen storage range “View” has now been modified to include a completely transparent version, which has weight markings for rice, sugar and flour, as well as all the cup measurements. Contents can be easily poured from the airtight container, and measured directly in the lid.


Morph is a London based design partnership established by Bill Holding and Ben Cox in 1999.  Over the years both the range of clients and projects undertaken has grown steadily, with morph evolving into a versatile, dual-sided company, specialising in product design on the one hand, and graphic artwork on the other.


Having started out working as freelance designers for Habitat, and for individual designers such as Michael Young, and Tom Dixon, morph went on to establish themselves further, working for a dynamic range of different international clients.


From the development of accessories for Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton, to extensive ranges of kitchen related products for Joseph Joseph, morph are always able to adapt with great success, which has seen them receive accolades such as the “Red Dot” design award, among others.


The graphic artwork side of morph was always a natural progression and has also grown steadily alongside their product design. Again they have demonstrated the ability to accommodate a diverse  range of clients from corporate identity development for the likes of Sky TV, and Citibank, through to album cover artwork with Peter Saville for bands such as New Order.


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  • modular

    The salad bowl is cool and has that summer pool party on it, yet I believe the color palette chosen for the bowl is bad. At least that green, black and white versions don’t look good on it.

  • Morph and Joseph and Joseph are genius in UK kitchen design…with danish Eva Solo (Tools design) and dutch Royal VBK…

  • Brett

    These are beautiful. I love the little arc in the middle of the measuring spoon for picking up off the fridge.

    And making a storage container with measurements on it seems so obvious; I don’t know this is the first time I’m being introduced to the concept.

  • Xit

    Who wants a measuring spoon on their fridge ? I think there are better concepts out there.

    The Salad bowl has an interesting “spacey” form but is only usable in one direction making it less group freindly as opposed to a traditional round salad bowl, also is the handle really neccessary ?

  • Ok modular and Brett it’s cool but the smile of Tools ‘s design for eva solo and use is great … What this hole for? try to use it ?

  • but the salad bowl has a distinctive form, a nice differential design….

  • Xit

    The measuring jar, excessive use of material, why not just have one measurer for all your storage jars ?

    This is a better execution of the concept…

  • I dont like the black color too…

  • The Salad bowl looks great and the white is a winner in Sweden. ;)

  • Xit’s image
    Red Dot Award: Product Design 2006
    Design: Arian Brekveld
    These storage jars from Royal VKB

  • Jonathan

    Very,very incongruous “family” of products. The measuring spoons look like an introductory Solidworks tutorial.

  • Some additional info which might help…

    The “View” Measure storage, is an addition to the existing range of “View” storage (see either our or JJ’s website), rather than a stand-alone design. The idea is obviously that for certain dry storage like flour, sugar, etc, you can just quickly measure out what you need in it’s own lid, without having to use a set of scales or cups.

    The handle on the salad bowl was based on the idea that when you offer it to somebody the opening is towards them, as well as to make carrying a large bowl easier. It is also about creating a more sculptural and interesting shape than simply a symmetrical bowl.

    As for them being an “incongruous family” of products, well they aren’t a family of products. They are simply some of the new additions which are part of the overall JosephJoseph product range, and as such fit into their own different categories.

    The magnetic measuring spoon, is intended to be an inexpensive, and highly functional product, and if there was an “introductory solidworks tutorial” of it, that would have saved some time, but unfortunately “Jonathan” wasn’t there to help us out with his insightful criticism.

  • playcheckers

    ‘Very,very incongruous “family” of products. The measuring spoons look like an introductory Solidworks tutorial.’

    haha absolutely agree. first thing i thought too. there is no clear voice here. its very mediocre

  • I’m sorry Bill (i’m french) , i love your work but you will not have red dot award with this range of products…( but i dunnot know the next jury)
    I like your “more sculptural and interesting shape than simply a symmetrical bowl.” but you’re not a sculptor as Moore but a designer as Tools design or Ubik Starck.
    Magnetic Measuring Spoon is funny like a small man you put on wall…

  • great job Bill at Starck level

  • sorry about my french humour and my spanish english
    …. what i want to say, Bill, you are at the level of Starck….. working with Alessi some years ago on Jucy Salif and Hot Berta:
    great distinctive,differential design, eye catching design but not user oriented products…

  • Cam

    Lol… Zuy is still totally obsessed with Starck… get over it boy!

  • Cam

    These are really great, user friendly designs. Very practical and elegantly simple… I love it!

  • Lol… may be french humour is quite difficult for you …
    yes you are right : i’m jalous of Brits because thet have a BBC Starck design school of design…
    I’m sure Morph is great design team in kitchen products (as Tools design Eva Solo, Royal VBK, Menu…) and artistic direction and management by JosephJ oseph is great so the salad bowl will have a great media impact and i’m sure too Sir Conran will not say ” it’s not practical” as he said for Starck lemon squeezer…

  • Pote Figueiredo

    I loved the black one!