Rock 7 by Hironori Tsukue



Japanese designer Hironori Tsukue has created a set of rockers for the Seven Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955 and produced by Fritz Hansen.


Manufactured in white, lacquered birch or natural, lacquered ash, the rockers slot onto the chair's legs without any fixings.


More information on the project website.

The following text is from Hironori Tsukue:


For several years, I have been an owner and user of the "seven chair” by Arne Jacobsen / Fritz Hansen. I use this chair every day as my working chair. I prefer this one to any ordinary high-tech office chairs. I also believe it looks much better in my home environment.

Unfortunately the sitting height is a little bit too low for an office chair. Therefore, I would like to present my solution to this problem. My idea is to add metal pipe legs to the original chair. Apart from obtaining a perfect height, different ways of sitting will be possible - to sit in different angles helps to reduce monotonous pressure on your body.

I believe this new working/rocking chair would be a nice alternative office chair, possible to use in offices as well as private homes, cafés, restaurants, public libraries etc.

The rocking parts are packaged in a small box, easy to buy and attach to the original ”seven chair” without any tools.

About 7 chair
Designed by danish architect Arne Jacobsen 1955 and sold over 5 million copies and still selling. Produced by Fritz Hansen.

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  • Prof ZUY: french rocking design

    transform any chair in a rocking chair with this french product produced by a young french designer… Sorry for japonese but french design follows now Starck’s speed trains

  • ano
  • lars

    ok. profZUY, but this has been done years earlier by german designers as well…

  • modular

    Don’t be evil guys. As you can see on some later Dezeen posts, originality is overrated :)

  • BRian
  • davvid

    for some reason this reminds me of leg braces

  • playcheckers

    what is with all the Starck talk Zuy. Expand you’r vocabulary

  • Prof ZUY: french rocking design
  • Prof ZUY: french rocking design

    playcheckers expand you’r vocabulary too: translate ski-de-chaise,ski-de-chaise,200163,25680.asp

  • Philip Lehar

    The rocking motion will make the legs splay apart. The legs are fixed to the inside of the rockers, so the rockers will tend to pop off. It’s a self-correcting problem. Welcome to your normal chair.

  • Prof ZUY :innovative stategies for emerging designers

    Are you sure? for all the products eg the german and the french one?

  • Anette

    Maybe its seen before, but if the new product is far more beautiful and a better design than the first one, then i guess its ok!!!

  • William Oswald

    Great chair, great upgrading, great idea! Rock7 rocks! We bought it for our conference room. The clients like it… (and we like to see our clients bobbing up and down)