Tate Modern extension by Herzog & de Meuron



Here are new images of architects Herzog & de Meuron's extension to the Tate Modern art gallery in London, which was recently granted planning permission.


More details plus images of the architects earlier design for the extension in our earlier story.


The extension will add a new wing and also convert underground tanks (below), previously used to store oil for the former power station, into new galleries.


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Tate Modern extension V.1

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  • liz

    i appreciate the link to the previous version– the development is certainly more interesting than the project itself.

  • hfgh

    any idea what the skin is gonna be? it looks like brick by day, but at night there is a glowy internal system.

  • Its like a mini Tyrrell Corporation headquarters.

  • slater

    Although this is an improvement (in my opinion) on the first story posted on Dezeen about this project, I still think the extension doesn’t interact well with the old power station building. Maybe see the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as an example of a really nice expansion to a gallery. Granted, the Van Gogh expansion is an adjacent building and not a literal above ground connection and there may not be room on this site for that option, I think it is still a relevent case study of aestheticly different but still connected gallery spaces.

  • Hendrik Antunes

    What a fantastic design! These guys did it again!

  • This is a bit better than v1 no? second image kind of kills it…

  • tommi

    i do prefer this one actually, much simple approach & it goes well with d’ existing. As I could imagine d’ space of underground tanks would be quite dramatic, I think d’ tate modern is about inside, rather than stacking d’ fancy glass boxes of d’ previous one.

  • Richie

    It’s somewhat better than the original ‘mountain of boxes’, but I still don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve with this.. Why create something in a clashing style that will compete with (and diminish) the original structure, instead of complementing it? It doesn’t seem like a H&dM design at all – are they just trying to break out of their ‘box’?

  • bas

    much better then the earlier version, feels more natural with the already existing building!

  • Oggy

    pretty cool! like this simple complex form …

  • jet

    version one was much better not just in terms of creativity and vision but it feels more H&deM..

  • Ioseb

    Big fan of H&deM. But I believe this extension will kill an amazing project of the Tate Modern itself!

    Geometry completely denies the existing if only facade panels are trying to correspond but just on a material level.

  • Don’t judge this one by the renders.

    I think HdM are turning the humble brick into a beautiful translucent screen.

    Just wait and see.

  • Tyler

    Much much better than version 1, however, as soon as I saw the second image, my heart sank. Boring boring boring, and totally ruins the character of such a beautiful historic building.

  • Partick Bateman

    Ruins the pure lines of the Tate.

  • gillesr

    I think it goes well with the existing building both huge brick monoliths. I only like the first image, the other two are very flat rendered, without contrast or texture.

  • Ste

    really (really) cant understand this thing… i dig these kind of shapes in many cases and beside the big tanky tate building i like the ide of create something more fragile… but to be honest this design study destroys the feel of tate (the garden, the entrance, the material, everythign is so important to this place)… if seen a lot of projects by HdM which are in strong contect to the existing buildings (caixa, hamburg, etc) but this is so boring and obviously a step backward for the tate

  • teabag

    oh nooooo…..what have they done??? *sigh*

  • Link to Get an Impression

    Link to Get an Impression how it would look like built


  • Partick Bateman

    the landscape utside the tate is abysmal anyway. i wouldnt worry about changing that.

  • rose

    I feel SAD…Tate was such a fantastic place and now…

  • guerilla

    Just a terrible thing to do to such a nice museum.

    I don’t know why architects can’t respect the original building.

    Having been several times, I really enjoyed the main hall and the outside space in front and on the side of the building. I wonder how the people who live across the street in the circular condo building must feel…

  • mil

    So sad………what a contradiction.

  • pbozarth

    Is it just me, or does this look almost just like the Herzog de Meuron museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Same perforated cor-ten steel skin, twisting sort of general form, and ribbon windows that are set back behind the steel. The one in San Francisco is amazing, so I’m not saying its a bad thing, just saying…

  • archilocus

    i used to like 90% of H&deM projects, but i have to confess that this thing, the Paris project and the Madrid bottle opener stuff are really making me feel sad… angry even… What happened to them ? Going too big?
    Ill have to revise my opinion about how great H&deM work is.

  • gmg

    not really,not this time,not anymore lately .They lost the “je ne sais quoi.

  • Evan

    pbozarth, I was going to say the same. This design looks a lot like the tower from the De Young Musem in San Francisco. They must be fascinated with that kind of form lately.

  • gabs
  • Joost

    Why this monstrual building next to the great earlier extension is a big question to me. I didn’t like the first design, I don’t like this one. What happened to rectangular lines? Are they out of fashion?!

  • ashwin

    i think this version needs kudos, change is inevitable, and i think its time they went ” out of their box” to dwelve into their sparsely used craziness
    H and M is evolving.

  • paperarchitect

    very cool images but these aren't the right guys for this job. The Tate is a menacing building on its own. Put this beside it and you get a disaster. Also fed up with these random angles, can we get back to the days of comfortable forms?

  • MS.

    Star Wars lovers? Hope they won’t build it. Brick transparency – that’s not enough to make a good project. If you want some brick transparency go see the Kolumba museum.

  • nm,

    I think people just want to preserve history, but they don’t understand that a building itself can’t make history; people can. As an architect, I am the kind of person who wants a building to stay, but I want to see something different around it. I loved the first design, but this is just the old one covered up.