Mesblock by Robert Knight



Eindhoven designer Robert Knight has created a collection of products including a knife-block shaped like a cat.


Knight makes the knife-blocks, called Mesblock, from polyurethane in his own work shop.


Other pieces in the collection, produced for Knight's graduation project, include an ash tray with space for fifty users to rest their cigarettes, an arm-rest attachment for tools used by municipality workers and a brass knuckle stamp for producing his own business cards.


Here's some more information from Knight:


About my view on humor, design and life.

‘Humor' was the starting point in this project. I had to investigate what humor is, why we laugh, forms of humor and things like my ‘sense of humor’. This research all came together in my essay about ‘humor & design & I’. To communicate my ‘sense of humor’ I used a black book for all my idea’s and sketches. And from this I made a selection of four and worked them out into final designs.’


Information about the four designs:

Title: Take 5
Material: epoxy

This prototype is for the 5 min. breaks that municipality workers have during the day.


Title: Congratulations
Material: bronze

When I found my project title I immediately combined it with the brass knuckle idea. Not for violence but for company cards.


Title: Socialcircle
Material: steel

Because of the new smoking policy in Holland people have to stand in the rain. So to make smoking outside a bit nicer I designed a big ashtray.


Title: Mesblock
Material: polyurethane

This design explains itself, like it or hate it. I produce them myself in series’ of 10.


I live and work in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). I have a little workshop where I try to produce everything myself.


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  • Very Dutch indeed…

  • I think that cat knife holder is really stunning, I am a cat lover and have a few friends that are too, so that would be a perfect gift for them. As for that ash tray its quiet the whopper, something to have in a big office it is really different and a little easy on the eye .

  • kc

    seems kinda morbid to be stabbing your cat in the back over and over again…

  • humor? sorry , so dutch.. its such a pity dutch are not looking beyond new design working, new ways , new visions then the dried out droog aproach ! come on droog been there over 10 years you dont want to graduate with that stuff in 2009

  • Matt

    I had to euthanize my 21 year old cat 3 days ago, so this is not very nice

  • jen

    hmm …50 dutch people all trying to balance their little roll ups on the ash tray at the same time in the pouring rain. yeah that would be funny…
    kinda like the cat

  • justin

    Sue, I think you’re missing the humorous element behind the design of the cat knife block. The cat itself is well crafted, sure. But, from what the artist says, the piece is about humor. Taking a beautiful cat object, and plunging a knife into it, is humorous. IF anything, I’d expect this to appeal more to people who don’t like cats, unless they too aren’t looking at the design as a whole.

    Goed gedaan Robert

  • The color of Dutch design is black .It’s right in the new color trend with Africa + united colors of America + Obama + …..Milano (see Moroso )…

  • AH

    love the knuckle. so on point. they should make those for licenced architects.

  • madazazel

    dont like morbid thing wit cat….

    be creative but dont call for animals killing!

  • scruces

    Knife in cat, the bunny was sacrificed first…Think old school Dutch…Charles Krafft, hand made porcelains – even here at Dezeen –

  • Ik vind het niet goed gedaan. The cat makes me a little sad, I just don’t see the humor? None of it is very clever, or has anything to say. Not very Dutch at all.

  • Gravy

    No kill cats no funny. Think you should spend time for works that put animals ahead.

    Dutch should design so usability not all for funny.

  • Cr

    These useless projects make you wonder what the difference is between ‘design’ and ‘giftshopitems’ ? I think the cat is great .. I bet it will do well in a giftshop.

  • ano

    the great trendsetter maarten baas did a similar thing,…. look at look at works,…. some more,…. and you’ll find a knive block even more extreme,…..

  • B.B.

    Why people always have to go around being uptight about design, is a big mystery to me. Design shouldn’t be all about functionality and boring-ness. There is room for humor to! I think you did a great job. Congrats!

  • funny is so shallow

    its time for a turn and starting designers should really see this .. what happened with new visions for design?

    dutch is such a circus attraction these days.
    the above design is nothing more then gimmicks, you sell the first 10 but really then life ends quickly.

  • ano – maarten baas is also really no trendsetter! design should not even be about trends, shame on you :)
    baas works from material exploration but not works from deep statements. he is a material man who shapes with the outcomes. but before him were many many many others who worked in similar way
    maarten baas just came now half way..
    and i know. im dutch and know the scene pretty deep.

  • Thanks for all the reactions, feedback and comments.

  • blueblue

    Prof. Z consulting, design coaching Says:

    April 15th, 2009 at 4:38 pm
    The color of Dutch design is black .It’s right in the new color trend with Africa + united colors of America + Obama + …..Milano (see Moroso )…

    what is this guy talking about? All we ever read from this one is half baked opinions with no knowledgeable backing. Design coach? haha you are a joke