Monza by Konstantin Grcic for Plank



Milan 09: Munich-based designer Konstantin Grcic has designed Monza, a new chair for Italian brand Plank.


The wood and plastic chair is Grcic's latest design for the company, following the influential Miura stool and Myto chair.


Here's some text from Plank:



After the projects Miura and Myto the MONZA chair embodies the further development and deepening of the collaboration between KONSTANTIN GRCIC and PLANK.


The project connects the materials wood and plastic injection moulding and hence, the artisan roots of PLANK with the characteristics of modern industrial design.

The MONZA armchair is conceived as a simple wood-construction which formally refers to a typology of chairs originating in Scandinavia. The chair’s main character is defined by a back-/armrest in plastic moulding, which on the one hand serves the chair’s structure and on the other provides comfort and colour.

Application areas: Contract, Gastronomy, Living and Office.

Technical details: Armchair, ash wooden structure – natural lacquered or stained-lacquered in black or wenge. Backrest in polypropylene in the colours in black, grey white, traffic red, wine red, light blue, yellow green. Stackable.

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  • haha

    excellent. great touch. refrain and judgement. its just a chair but i’m happy to see it.



  • Xit

    Very dry & boring, it lacks the Gricic vavavoom!

  • modular

    I like this. Gotta love the wood + plastic combo.

  • J.B


  • Wood is good.

  • Beautiful chair. Diferent from the usual Constantin work.
    Constantin is a great designer.

  • Sorry: Konstantin!

  • Japr

    it seems that tollerances and snaps between wooden and plastic parts are definitely (and digitally) under control. so said jasper morrison’s chair for vitra some year back, also morrison’s recent chair for magis, and now this one from k.grcic, which by the way is really nice and well balanced.

  • Freddie

    Now that is Beautiful Mr Grcic!

  • garth n.

    Ugly & bad combo design. That looks like an IKEA home addition conjured up by a consensus minded design team. Why does everyone worship this chap?

  • slater

    Hmm, I don’t see what is so special about this chair. It looks like something Steelcase, HM, Knoll, you name the systems furn. manufacturer, produced in the 90’s

  • Matthew

    Simple, beautiful, and from the looks of it, economic. Well done!

  • RogerA

    Amazing work ! Truly a master piece. I am glad Kontastin left behind the fractured look, and move forward to something else.
    I take my hat off, again!

  • nice.
    somewhat reminiscent of wegner.

  • Right Eduardo it’s different from the usual Konstantin work.
    For me an hybride product with top colored as Starck’s chair high cut for Kartell and mixed material as Bouroullec’s chair for Magis + Morrisson + Fukazawa + unknown wood chairs…

  • Adore the last image – beautiful lines achieved with such simplicity.

  • jh

    i guess its the new eco-terror-understatement-dontdesignittoomuch kind of style. seems like the economic crisis is leading towards a design crises. i prefer the pre-crisis grcic.

  • xtiaan

    this wood does not give me wood

  • Hayden

    Stunning. As allways.

  • Luxury Larry

    defintely lacking appeal!!

  • Fish fingers

    How is this boring/lacking appeal? what do you want it to do? fly? A future classic to those with taste

  • Broken Designer

    It´s not a very original chair but it´s quite beautiful and comercial.
    Designers have to survive, making a comercial peaces is no crime. Specially if it´s good looking.

  • jh i discussed with some emerging and international designers just before deep financial and economic crises in Paris, Bruxelles and Milan it’s clearly crisis design…

  • rockenhäuser

    original design by hans j. wegner 1949,
    known as ‘the chair’, model 501.
    nothing new, just another classic- copy.

  • Michele

    very fresh looking armchair, looking forward to sit in the parabolica curve of the MONZA chair…

  • This is amazing….simple and beautiful.

  • modular

    holy crap, rockenhäuser is right. lol….

  • Rockenhauser,

    Sometimes, specially in crisis time, all that clients want is more of the same. As someone said, a designer has to survive and not always is possible to do great inovative design. The designer has to do some comercial stuff to make money.
    People think that famous designers are weathy people. That furniture design makes a designer a rich man. That´s far from the truth.

  • Edouardo , before “the design is dead” buzz, before the financial and economic crises , Philippe Starck designed 8 great wood chairs for Driade…With the reduction of investment in molding, a great designer with a good design team must do an innovative design in wood or with other new materials…(see some Japonese designers )…

  • Suki

    A 90s conference centre looking chair from Italy, one to be forgotten quickly and not in a cool Jasper morrison/Fukasawa “not too designed way.”

    Nice combo of materials but somehow not hitting an understated high, no sexy in the subtle here, sorry :)

  • james

    that is very cool

  • “not too designed way.”(Jasper + Naoto++++) VS “overdesigned (eg baroque design )
    The problems for a designer and consumer in each ways is who did that ?Is it new ? Is it innovation? Why he did that?

  • Congats again to Konstantin and Plank. A simple yet very beautifu chair combining two elements, plastic and timber. Looking forward to seeing this in Milan.

  • blueblue

    Oh please please please put a muzzle on Zuy. he has no idea what he is talking about!

  • in sum up, i love this chair. It reminds me of the time spent in Istanbul wood working workshops where we would construct chairs with our bare hands and distribute them throughout the city at sundown. We had very little money for plastic mould investment so we made do with old bottlecaps and milk crates.

  • FAKE (see above)
    Creating fake articles or inserting fake information with my pseudo
    Prof Z is not fair….Marcus could you stop this .

    I love Konstantin Grcic and i was one of the first to notice his talent before iconic Magis chair but i’m not a design victim , an addict that follows one star ( STARck ) or international designers and some rising stars as you follow a wave or a fashion or a trend…I contributed also to help unknown designers …

    Konstantin initiated a trend but here he follows Bouroullec brothers and other designers in a trend of combining two elements( here plastic and timber) but may be it’s a brief (as often even for ONE )from an influent manufacturer…


    2+2 frenchs VS 1 german

    The winner is : italian design industry VS french, german , scandinavian
    But the REAL battle is UDINE wood industry against CHINA and the REAL WAR is there…


    Here is the(virtual) brief :

    RE design a GREEN wood chair with arms, starckable with a scandinavian typology combining two elements… with an italian touch and nice trendy colors and material,
    The result is an hybridation pp+ wood of High cut pp+ pp By “retired” S+arck for Kartell, the LEADER and Bi-Bouroullec bi material Steelwood chair for Magis, the ONE…

  • perplexed

    what is Prof.Z talking about? he needs to be banned from this forum.

  • it’s a blog not a forum

  • Maria Alice Miller

    I like Mr. Grcic designs, but this is a kind of re-edition of Bourroulec’s Steelwood Cafe Chair, launched in 2007. I think he has more to contribute in design.

  • Even Grcic lacks sometimes of inspiration! , this chair looks exactly like a new version froma Hans J. Wegner Chair.

  • sebastian

    sat on it: it works! i do not care who he got inspired from but it is comfortable – and nice to look at in todays context. not the greatest but solid. that already is alot in todays context.

  • It has Hans Wegner written all over it except Wegner’s sense of form and proportion are far superior.

  • Irena

    Not only Hans J. Wegner, but also Od-dO architects from Serbia! You could have seen their chair during the Milans’ Salone Satelite 09. He probably mixed few ideas to obtain this design ;)

  • williampdx

    Hey there everyone.
    I have a GRCIC chair that has been sitting around the house for a long time.
    Not sure where we picked this up. Can anyone tell me more about it???? Who it was designed for and the year???

    image here: