Ora (il)Legale by Denis Guidone



Milan 09: designer Denis Guidone will exhibit his clock 'Ora (il)Legale' next week at the Nava Design store in Milan.


As the Italian name suggests, the clock's two flat bases are a simple device to adjust the time for daylight saving.


When tilted, the clock's simple graphic allows the time to move forward or back one hour.


The clock has one hand for both hours and minutes, and is produced by Nava Design.

Here’s some more information from Guidone:


Ora (il)Legale  will be showed during Milan design week  2009 in april
product by nava design
The Ora ilLegale clock can be tilted on its base to set it forward one hour for summer time with a simple gesture.

  • essential graphic
  • one hand (hours and minutes)
  • minimal aesthetic

Material: wood
Colours: white, black
Dimension: diameter 18 cm x 6 cm
Quartz movement

Nava Design Store
Via Durini 23
20123 Milano

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Posted on Friday April 17th 2009 at 3:28 pm by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Roy

    What I like is the stripped down functional simplicity of the whole thing. A dial and a hand. What more do we need?

    The base is ingenious.

    A good addition to any mantelpiece.

  • modular

    “The Ora ilLegale clock can be tilted on its base to set it forward one hour for summer time with a simple gesture.”

    What if your housekeeper tilts the clock when cleaning and forgets to put it on the correct position? Do you expect that users – and everyone that looks at the clock – knows the exact position for correct timing?


  • i agree with roy

    raw and simple

    different flat bases for different time zones?
    just an idea :)

  • slater

    Clever…i wish i’d thought of it!

  • Clark

    Love it.

  • Design is so simple when it’s not consumer oriented

  • Gravy

    My housekeeper understands simple, poetic design gestures, so this would never be an issue.

  • congratulations, it is a very rare existing beautiful table-clock. Hope you have success in promotion and distribution. pierre junod switzerland.

  • jed_

    very useful twice a year for five seconds.

  • Elpa

    Sure, speek….time zones….it’s because you usually take with you a 18cm wide desk clock when you travel, or because your house moves when you’re sleeping, Wizard of Oz style ? :D

    Just joking, Speek, but Denis made another example of good clock design ! Bravo !! :)

  • mikaël

    Daylight saving? Who still does that?! It’s soooooooo 1895!

    @ speek: are you thinking of this?:

  • clever less is more.
    I never saw this concept before, it’s quite rare…

  • klejdi

    Superb ! everything superb !

  • PERFECT!!!!

  • excited………………………………………………………………………….

  • … also a very interesting clock by Sam Hecht with a unique base and ad value

  • Ado

    Great and simple solution! Just wondering about the one hand for both, hours and minutes?

  • J*

    @ Ado: “Just wondering about the one hand for both, hours and minutes?”

    well, in fact, if you had both hands, this clock wouldn’t work at all! (because 11.05 for example, would shift -roughly- to 10.00, not 10.05, and some strange time would appear, the hour hand not being exactly on the hour…)

    hence only ONE hand for this nice clock.

    Kudos for the project.

    Il est 5 heures, Prof Z s’éveille, heure d’été, heure d’hiver ?…Hier, dans son jardin , il a planté 5 cyprès … Est-il à Milan,en Provence ou en Suisse?
    ( Remarquez qu’il est comme Alain Delon, il parle de lui à la 3ème personne depuis que des “excellences” du design le consulte!!!)
    Hier soir, il était avec un designer chinois starckien qui l’a bluffé avec une montre..puis avec un designer nord-américain qui prépare le plus grand salon de design US. Quel décalage!!!
    It is 5 hours, Prof. Z awakening, summer time, winter time … Yesterday, in his garden, he planted cypress 5 … Is it in Milan, in Provence or in Switzerland?
    (Note that it is like Alain Delon, he talks to himself in the 3rd person from the “excellent” design consult!)
    Yesterday evening he was with a Chinese designer starckien who has bowled with a watch .. then with a North American designer who is preparing the biggest U.S. design. What a discrepancy!

  • ….Il y a 5 idées dans cette horloge/ 5 ideas on one clock ….Great job!!!

  • Matt

    Except that tilting the clock like that will move it forward and back one hour and five minutes? Regardless of whether there is a minute hand or not.