Dezeen stickers in Milan - this time in black



We're in Milan and ready to go: following the huge success of our Dezeen stickers last year - modelled below by Tokujin Yoshioka, Arik Levy, Stephen Burks and Ben van Berkel - we've printed 1,000 black sticker sets to give away this year.


Look out for us around the Salone and all the off-site events and grab your stickers! Feel free to email us your sticker photos and we'll publish the best ones. See you around Milan!


Above: you too could be a Dezeen sticker model this year...

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  • Rolando

    Im quite sure that is my moped. This is not clever, you try and live in Milano after the fair, its ruined by people like you.

  • No Vespas were harmed during the making of this story. Obviously we’re not advocating people stick our stickers anywhere without permission!



  • I like it. Thanks Marcus .So I will have MY Z letter … on Tokujin Yoshioka, on Arik Levy, on Stephen Burks …. even on Ben van Berkel …Is he dutch? To much van ….in NL to memorize them…

  • stop it

    where has the “lampost” part of this post gone?
    back tracking after you have your wrist slapped?
    self promotional stickers are a bane and, frankly, just waste.
    stop it

  • It’s humor Van ….UNStudio is great but i dunnot know architecture XXI as i leave in Paris…

  • jack the ripper

    tant qu’ il y a du noir , il y a de l ‘ espoir …..

  • Jonze

    I can’t believe people are being so pissy about some little stickers, you do know they come right off yeah?

    Self-promotional stickers are a bane?!?
    Don’t be such a drama queen.

    I’ve never used them but I think they are a great way for sites/organizations to get their name out there. Not everyone can afford a billboard, and of those who can, none of them are half as interesting as the people you find on stickers on a lampost.

    My favourite find being the street artist Asbestos and his Lost series, they always amuse me when waiting to cross at traffic lights!

    I just wish I could get my hands on some dezeen stickers, I love this site, but I live in Ireland :P

  • modular

    I want one as well, but I can’t go to Milan :(

    Can’t you send some by mail? :(

  • Emma

    I want one!!! :)

  • pop

    hey marcus,

    what about switching the background color of dezeen into black as a small step in saving energy!!

  • obama?


    i need those stickers now! but i can’t get to milan. You guys are sooo cruel!

  • eduardo

    I want one to put besides my Apple…

  • Prof. Z consulting, design coaching

    I prefer this sticker:


    Without a Z Dezeen is deen or deeen ( as Moooi for ex)
    Dīn (also Deen), an Arabic term (دين) meaning “way of life” or “code of life”.
    As they are too many ( not moderated ) snippers here and there it may be too dangerous for Prof Z. to have this Z on breath …

  • yams

    i want a sticker! but me no go to milan..booo